5 Natural Cures For Tendonitis

5 Natural Cures For Tendonitis

Inflammation of the tendon is known as tendonitis.The tendon is basically the fibrous tissue that attaches the bone to the muscle. A patient suffering from tendonitis will experience tenderness and pain near the joint that is affected.

The pain becomes worse with movement. The problem mainly occurs around the shoulders,elbows and knees, but can also affect the hips, heels and wrists. Luckily there is always a natural cure for tendonitis which will alleviate the pain and quicken the healing process without having to consume modern medicines with all their side effects.

Various Natural Cures For Tendonitis


In traditional Chinese medicine it is believed that any pain in the body is caused by the blockage of the free flow of Chi or energy in the body. This energy travels along energy paths that are invisible and are known as meridians.

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The energy along these meridians becomes unblocked when needles are inserted into the skin at specific points.Acupuncture is known to release natural pain relieving chemicals in the body and sends signals to the brain that have a calming effect on the sympathetic nervous system. Acupuncture is known to be an effective natural cure for tendonitis and other inflammatory pains.

Transverse Friction Massage

Transverse friction massage is different from regular massage because the strokes in this treatment are quite deep. These strokes are applied on the affected area directly in a direction perpendicular to that of the affected tendon.


This therapy is known to improve circulation, reduce pain, and prevent the formation of adhesions and scar tissue in the connective tissue.However, be careful to undertake this therapy only at the hands of a trained professional.


Ginger is a wonder root which is used in the treatment of several ailments. It is one of the best known natural anti inflammatory substances. Hence it reduces the inflammation caused during tendonitis and hence reduces the pain.


It can be consumed in the form of a tea where you take some crushed ginger or dried ginger powder and boil it in one cup water for 5 minutes. Drink this tea lukewarm for it to act as a natural cure for tendonitis.


Turmeric is also a well known anti inflammatory herb and can be easily added to your cooking especially in rice and soups. However, if you don’t fancy cooking with turmeric, you can take it in the powder form with lukewarm water or take capsules which are easily available in some grocery stores and even health food stores.


Turmeric can also be used as a topical application,by missing turmeric powder in a few drops of warm oil and applying to the affected area. This will be a great natural cure for tendonitis.


Homeopathic medicines like ruta,Rhus tox, and Arnica can be consumed in the dosage prescribed by a licensed homeopath.Topical applications of homeopathic creams containing Traumeel can also be applied to alleviate the pain. However, do not try self medication with homeopathy as it is best to consult a practicing homeopath for the right medicines and dosages.

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