Top 5 Question to Ask Him on First Date

The first date is all about knowing each other more and analyzing if the one sitting next to you right now is the one that will be by your side forever.

Apart from the general questions that may arise and be answered as part of random conversation, make sure you ask the following questions. These will give you a better insight into his life.

So, what exactly do you do?

Watch him as he tells about his work. You are most likely to have three responses. He may simply mentioned his designation, name of the company and tell about his profile briefly. The second is that he may tell you enthusiastically about his job profile and third is that he may crib about it.

Men generally don`t crib about their job in front woman they have just met. It represents an emotionally unstable person.

What do you do when you are not working?

This will give you an insight about his interests. There should be more than one answer to this question. It reflects what kind of person he is. For example, men usually are fond of outdoor activities like baseball, foot ball, bowling or volley ball. This will help you know if you have common interests.

How did you spend your last Valentine’s Day?

If it is not related to his (serious) ex, he would be able to share it with you. It may give an idea about his romantic side.

Your shirt looks nice, you do your own shopping?

If he does his own shopping it will suggest that he is extremely independent and takes his own decisions. It is a very good sign. Watch out if he says that his mother does shopping for him since he gets confused in the shopping complex. This will suggest that the guy is not independent in taking his decisions.

He may even take name of a female best-friend who “helps” him in shopping.

Where do you see yourself 2 years from now?

If he mentions that he would want to be with someone special, apart from other things (good career, bigger home, etc) then it means that he is looking for a serious relationship and is not fooling around.

If this is the case, what can I say…lucky you!