Top 5 Reasons To Buy Jean Jackets

Top 5 Reasons To Buy Jean Jackets

Top 5 Reasons To Buy Jean JacketsMany decades have passed since the trend of jean jacket came into existence, but the shine of this trend hasn’t faded an inch. Of all the classic trends that tugged the heartstrings of this fashion oriented generation, jean jacket is one such trend that truly made its comeback like a pro.

The trend of denim jacket that was more or less a requirement for workers doing rough job, has gone really huge. From Hollywood celebrities to local fashioinistas, it seems like everyone is flaunting this trend wherever they go. Of course, the trend has been transformed, and has become more refined, edgy and clean, but it still brings back the era of 80s. Doesn’t it? So what made this trend so viral among youths?

The answers could be multifarious. If you haven’t  invited any jean jackets in your closet yet, my advice would be to buy at least a pair or two. Here are some of the reasons to gimmick you into buying one. Take a look.

Try This Trend!

There are umpteenth reasons why one should try this trend at least once in their lifetime. Some of the reasons are mentioned below:

Reasons to Buy Jean Jackets

Formal and Casual: All in One

Whether you are going the formal road or treading the casual path, jean jackets are so flexible that they blend with both styles of outfits like anything. You can try on a nice pair of heels or a rusty yet elegant bootie with these jackets to dress yourself up for a hard day of work.

The trusty denim fabric will keep you warm enough to pass the day. Or, you could toss this jacket over your nice knee-length dress to look ultimately sexy for a day out with your gangs. Remember, searching for a nicely fitting pair of jackets isn’t too hard.

Uncompromising in Quality

Nothing could turn worse and frustrating than the seam of your jackets ripping off in the middle of a tough job. Right? As mentioned before, denim jackets are really trustworthy. Each piece is stitched two-three times per seam for ensuring that these jackets won’t cheat if you are a guy who does tough labor or  someone who isn’t doing anything at all.

Top 5 Reasons To Buy Jean Jackets

In addition, denim jackets feature multiple pockets to help you keep your oddments in. That means no more carrying bulky purse or superfluous bags! There are so many features that this trend offers, making it hard for anyone to resist this trend. And, no doubt, this one tops the list.

Flirty and Functional

It’s chilly out there, but temperatures haven’t dipped that down yet. So, here’s comes the serious question: how to layer up your outfit without going overboard? Well, here comes jean jackets. When it comes to functionality, there are very few garments that come close to jean jackets.

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Not do they look uber effortless, but they are also very sturdy. Jean jackets don’t demand quick replacement. No matter whether you have just bought a pair or have one for like five years, both will look quite the same. And if you don’t want to go too hard on your budget, Carhartt coats are totally inexpensive and will fit your budget anytime.

Comfort Supported

Stylish-check; durability-check, and functionality- check. But, what about comfort? Don’t you fret, for when it’s about offering comfort, jean jackets won’t cheat you.

No matter if you are wearing it sensing that winter is on the verge or you just want to add the dash of sensuality in your silhouette, jean jackets never compromise on the comfort arena. They are so comfy that you could wear them all day without worrying about fluctuating temperature.

Men Can also Count them In!

Among a very few trends that are shining high on the fashion circuit, jean jacket is another trend that is meant to be flaunted by both the sexes. Jean jackets are androgynous or unisex  in nature, and offer the same comfort and flexibility to both men and women. However, unlike the female version, which weighs around 13 ounces, guys’ version weighs at least 15 ounces. Also, in terms of stitching, button closures and welt pockets, guys’ version offers more storage and security.

Fashion Tips When Wearing Jean Jackets

It goes without saying that jean jacket trend is no longer confined to the herds of long haul truckers. It has now been embraced by every group, every age and every gender.

Top 5 Reasons To Buy Jean Jackets

However, it must be kept in mind that wearing jean jackets demand one to follow certain fashion guidelines, else you will end up being a fashion culprit. Here are some tips that you must follow when opting for a jean jacket for your next outing. Read on.

Don’t Wear Denim Over Denim

If you are wearing a jean jacket, then you should get your hands off denim jeans or skirts or anything that features denim. If you are confused what to wear, then going for khaki or baggy pants would be a safe choice. Nevertheless, if you wish to mix and match denim, then pick either of the denims i.e your jean jackets or your skirts or pants in a lighter shade.

Jean Jackets Look Good with Colored Denim Bottoms

Add a contemporary twist to your outfit by pairing up your classic jean jacket with a classy pair of colored denim shorts or pants. You could discover various vibrant shades of bottoms in denim that will blend with your jean jacket seamlessly.

Accessorize it with Your Dress

Jean jackets look awesomely good when paired up with a dress, as they lend your silhouette a distinctive cuteness. Take inspirations form celebs like Selena Gomez, as some celebrities try this trend often.

Judging by all the functionality this trend offers, it didn’t come as a surprise that it returned back to the fashion world.  From lending a cute lady look to sexy fashionista’s silhouette, and from the effortless masculine edge to the cool boy swagger, jean jackets are eligible enough to transform your look to the hilt. All you have to do is know what works with your jean jackets.  I am sure that by now I have convinced you into buying jean jackets. So, what you are waiting for, go ahead and buy a closet full of jean jackets for yourself, for this trend is not fading anytime soon.