Top 5 Shaggy Haircuts For Women

Shaggy Haircuts For WomenOut of all the different haircuts and hairstyles that are available today, Shaggy Haircuts for Women is the most unique. Known for its edgy layers and styling it is now slowly coming back into the fashion world. This kind of hairstyle started in the seventies and is still used by many women today.

The layers are the key to this haircut and these layers are what make the hair stand out among other haircuts. There are different kinds of shaggy haircuts for women; let’s take a look at some below.

Attractive Shaggy Haircuts For Women

Asymmetrical Shaggy Haircut

This style is the funkiest of all shaggy haircuts. It looks best on girls with short hair. In this hairstyle, the hair is parted on one side of the head. The rest of the hair is cut in layers at the sides and the back.

Styling gel is used to keep the hair tossed and messy as this is the key to this hairstyle. The hair around the neck is supposed to be cut in a layered fashion. The side parted bangs are blow dried with a round brush to give it that curvy look.

Asymmetrical Shaggy Haircut“Bed Hair” Shaggy Haircut

The name of this haircut should explain a lot about the kind of hairstyle this is. This is ideal for women with long hair. The hair is cut straight and in layers from the top of the head to the tip and deliberately left to look untidy and tossed.

Due to the hair being straight, the locks of the hair would look silky and shiny and the tossed layers would be a style statement on its own. This is a great casual hair cut for women.

Bed Hair Shaggy HaircutLong  Shaggy Haircut With Razor Bangs

For those women who have fairly long hair, this hairstyle would look really great. In this style the hair at the ends are razor cut into uneven edges, giving it that edgy look. For those who have wavy hair, they can use a straightening tool or some cream to smoothen the hair.

The bangs in front are also razor cut to give it an uneven look. The hair in this haircut must be extremely straight and the bangs must be straightened forward with a straightening tool.

Long  Shaggy Haircut With Razor BangsMulti Layered Shaggy Haircut

For women who would like this type of a haircut, they must have hair that is fairly long enough to create many layers. This haircut includes a number of layers that go down from the ears right to the end of the hair.

This hairstyle looks best with short bangs that can be blow dried later by flipping it inwards. The hair is cut short at ear level and is cut into layers from then on every 2 to 3 inches lower. For those who do not have long hair, they can use hair extensions to create multiple layers.

Multi Layered Shaggy HaircutShort Straight Shaggy Haircut

This is one of the easiest haircuts to maintain. Women who have short hair can carry out this hairstyle very well by just brushing their fingers through after every shower. The hair should be straight and not curly or wavy. If so, one can use straightening creams or tools to straighten it out. The bangs or fringe must be straight as well. The hair at the back and the sides are cut into tiny layers giving the hair some bounce and dimension.Shaggy Haircuts for Women are not as famous as they were back in the day. But although not many women know about it, there are many who wouldn’t mind getting their hair cut into a shaggy hairstyle. It is one of the many haircuts that can be styled on almost all kinds of hair lengths, from short to medium as well as long hair. Even though this hairstyle could come off as untidy, it does look extremely trendy and fashionable!

Short Straight Shaggy Haircut