Top 5 Short Bride Hairstyles For The Big Day

Short Bride HairstylesAre you getting married soon? You must be really excited for the big day! Every woman dreams of getting married to a charming man. Let us take the opportunity of congratulating you for your marriage. Since it is a big day, you might have bought the perfect wedding dress too. If the dress is final then you might have shortlisted the accessories and shoes with it too.

However, if you haven’t shortlisted the perfect hairstyle then you should be thinking about it now. Sporting the perfect hairstyle on your wedding day is important. If your trouble is that you have short hair then do not worry much. We have seen brides with short hair who look absolutely remarkable. You can look stunning too.

We are here to help out. Since you are wondering what hairstyle to sport, we thought that we will list the top 5 short bride hairstyles. The short bride hairstyles that we have listed below will make you look gorgeous. Take a look and choose the best one for the big day.

List of Top 5 Short Bride Hairstyles 

Short Curls

Who says that women who have short hair cannot have curls? If your hair is short, you can still have beautiful curls. We have seen women who have chin length hair and they still get their hair curled for their wedding and special occasions.

Short Curls

You would need to go to a stylist in order to get this look. Ask him to give your hair heavy curls and if you want to complete the look then he/she can roll out your bangs too. Make sure that you pin up a nice flower on one side.

Crew Cut With Soft Fringes

Crew cut is short but it looks hot. There are many women who sport a crew cut and manage to look really sexy. If you have a crew cut then ask your stylist to give you soft fringes in the front.

Crew cut with soft fringes

You can wear a netted headband which can be floral or simple. This hairstyle will look brilliant and your hubby-to-be will get floored.

Wet Curls With Highlights

You do not have to take a shower to make your curls look wet. Stylists use gels and other products to give a very stylish wet look. You can ask them to give you wild curls and add a little wet touch to it.

Wet curls with highlights

For completing the look, you should highlight your hair in any color that you like. This will look very hot!

Pull Back Hairstyle

This hairstyle has become very popular among brides. This gives a very informal yet gorgeous look. All you have to do is pull back your hair loosely and pin it up into a loose bun.

Pull back hairstyle

Pin up a big flower in white or peach. This hairstyle looks very simple yet delicate. You should definitely go for this one!

Layered Hair With Side-swept Bang

Ask  your stylist to give you a layered haircut and a side-swept bang. This hairstyle looks best on short hair. You can also highlight your hair for the cool look. You can wear a headband with it. A black flower will look different as well as sexy on short hair. Decorate this hairstyle with a flower and you will be good to go for your wedding.

Layered hair with side-swept bang

So, choose the one that you like the most or try each one of them and see what looks best on you. Make sure that the hairstyle goes with your wedding dress. We wish you all the luck, happiness and love in life. Have a happy married life, beautiful.