Top 5 Teen Messy Hairstyles

As teenagers you always want to try out something new and different and not follow the conventional styles as set by society.

The types of hairdos, that are in fashion in the recent times are the messy hairdos and a lot of teenagers are liking it and opting for it. These hairstyles appear to go well with most of the outfits and occasions as well.

Most Popular Messy Hairdos Of The Season

Some of the mostly favored and liked messy hairdos which are in trends this season are discussed in the following.

Loose and Messy Up Hairdo

Pinning up your hair at the back in a messy way seems to be the look of the season. It goes well with special occasions and dresses, where many celebrities have been spotted with it on red carpet events.

Loose and Messy Up Hairdo

You can make it unique but braiding your hair at the front and pinning it with the messy updo to look trendy and classy.

Half – tied Messy Look

For those with natural curves and waves, this might just be the hairstyle you might be waiting for. Just tie a half pony or clip up the front part and leave those natural curls hanging at the bang. You can finish this look by applying some moose or hair spray, giving your hair some nice volume. This look has been in fashion and Jennifer Lope was seen adorning it a few times around.


Braiding your hair was done mostly in the olden days, but this has come up in a big way these days, as most of the celebrities and models wear it on the runways as well.


The fishtail braids or making a few small braids from front and tying it all up at the back into a loose braid to look something unique from the crowd. Many celebrities are opting for it, as it looks very feminine and elegant as well.

Leaving Open the Short Strands

Leaving Open the Short Strands

Thinking to go on a fun girl’s night out and do not know what hairstyle to go for. This might be one of the best around to give you the most funky and chick look. Tie up the long strands of hair up and leave open the short strands giving it a messy and a real look.

Loosely Tied Low Ponytail

Loosely Tied Ponytail

This might be something you general do when at home, but you could also try and carry this hairstyle when you go out. This sometimes looks great of casuals and will make one look more chicky and cool, keeping you different from the rest of the crowd.


The above mentioned hairdos are just to give you an idea of the type of hairdos which exist and are in fashion in recent times, but the ultimate decision needs to be yours depending on other aspects. It should depend on the dress you wear, the accessories, face shape amongst others. You can take help of magazine and online for any further assistance. Rock your look with the messy hair style, set the trend!