Top 5 Tips For Dry Skin Care

Top 5 Tips For Dry Skin Care

Top 5 Tips For Dry Skin Care Silky smooth skin is every woman’s dream. While everyone is not blessed with soft and velvety skin, the fact is that regular skin care can make your skin look and feel less dry and rough. Take the example of celebrities. Do you think that all of them are blessed with that glowing and flowery skin? Answer is an obvious NO.

The fact is that the celebrities are able to transform their skin from dry to smooth with some amount of effort and care. You can also do the same and can make your skin look beautiful and soft with the help of these tips.

Tips for Dry Skin Care

Always Use Natural Cleansing Agents

Howsoever glamorous that new brand of soap or body shower may appear on your celluloid, never give in to those chemically treated formulations. Your favorite soap or body wash brand may make huge claims about making your dry skin soft and smooth but the bottom-line is that they are made up of harmful chemicals.

These chemicals may make your skin soft for a shorter period of time but in the long run they will make your skin more drier. Instead, opt for natural cleansers. Nature has blessed us with many natural cleansers which can cleanse our skin perfectly and can lend it that perfect glow.

Try raw milk, as a facial cleanser. For entire body, try raw milk and wheat flour paste. You can add a few drops of lime juice to this paste to make it more effective. Apply the paste on the entire body and let it air dry for 15 minutes. Then wash off with plain water. This natural cleanser will remove all dirt and impurities from your skin without robbing you off of your already scarce natural oil and moisturizer.

Drink One Cup Tea Or Coffee Less From Today

Tea and coffee may seem to be instant energy giver but they are essentially diuretic in nature. They just snatch away all the water present in our skin cells. This makes our skin more and more dry and shriveled. In winters, we tend to drink endless cups of tea and coffee, robbing our skin of more and more of moisture, ironically at a time when it needs more of hydration.

Top 5 Tips For Dry Skin Care

To break this vicious cycle, take a vow to drink one cup less of tea and coffee from today. Gradually reduce the number of tea and coffee cups you intake and bring it down to one a day. Replace your cups of tea and coffee with herbal or green tea. Green tea and herbal teas are hydrating and are very good for our skin and for our health in general.

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Avoid Harsh Sun And Wind

Harsh sunrays as well as harsh wind- both are very harmful for dry skin. If you cannot resist the temptation to soak in the sunlight during winter days then make sure that you wear full sleeve clothes and your skin is not directly exposed to sun rays. Try to cover your face with a scarf or stole also when you sit for long hours in the sun.

In the same way, when you go out in winters, make sure that none of your body parts are exposed to harsh wind. Apply a good moisturizer and sunscreen on your face and a good lip balm on your lips before you set out in harsh climate.

Apply A Good Moisturizer At Bedtime

Make it a habit to clean your limbs and massage gently a good cream or moisturizer into your skin at bedtime, daily. When we sleep, our body and skin get into repair mode. It is at this time that the skin is repaired, old skin cells are shed and new skin cells emerge. If we take care of our skin before going to bed than it helps in protecting the new skin cells from damage and nourishes them well, making our dry skin look and feel soft and smooth.

Eat Fats

As contrary to the general advice, I will suggest you to include good fats in your diet. Good fats are important for our heart health as well as the health and beauty of our skin. Fats like omega -3 fatty acids are essential for a soft and healthy skin. Omega -3 fatty acids also prevent skin from sun damage. Omega – 3 fatty acids, work as antioxidants and protect the body against free radicals.

Include foods high in omega -3 fatty acids in your diet like dry fruits, flax seeds, fish, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds etc. on a regular basis. These tips will help you in making your skin soft and smooth quickly. You certainly need to follow these tips with commitment for at least 3 months for getting optimum results.