5 Tips For Natural Makeup

5 Tips For Natural Makeup

When it comes to applying makeup, we all have different needs and preferences.Some of us might like the heavy and complete make up look, while some of us are happy just with a simple touch of natural looking makeup. Here, applying natural makeup does not mean that you will use the minimum number of cosmetics.

The art of natural makeup is a bit tricky as compared to the other types of heavy makeup. You need to choose specific types of cosmetics which complement the natural beauty of your face and still make everyone believe that you are without makeup. Here, you can learn a few tips on how to apply natural makeup.

Tips For Natural Makeup

Use Of Foundation

When it comes to foundation, we think of putting an entire layer of it on our face which sometimes looks like a complete pan cake face. Though, it is an essential cosmetic which helps in giving you a smooth complexion, it does not mean that you will actually dip your entire face in it.


To keep a natural face, you need to use foundation only on essential areas like around the eyes area or around the nose. Remember, you just have to hide the unwanted red skin on your face.

Use Of Concealer

Concealer helps us in hiding away the unwanted skin patches and blemishes. Now, you only have to use it as per your need. If you have dark circles, blemishes or dark or white patches on your face, you can use a little quantity of concealer on the same.

Moreover, once you put on the concealer, make sure you completely blend it into your skin otherwise it will look fake and unnatural.

Apply Power In Place Of Foundation

If you really like to keep it natural and pretty, avoid using foundation so often. Instead, go for natural setting powder, which will give you a smooth and nice glow. Moreover, the use of powder will help your skin to be free from unwanted dirt and other impurities in the air.

apply foundation

Shape Up Your Eyebrows

Shaping the eyebrows with an eye-pencil or a black colored powder can work wonders for your face. All you have to do is to pick a color that best complements the natural hair color of your eyebrows. This will help you eyebrows to come out natural and highlighted.
shape eyebrow

Eye Makeup Essentials

Eye liner is the first thing which comes to our mind when we think of eye makeup. But, here we won’t be using much of eye liner so as to maintain the natural appeal of the face.Eye liner gives a different and unnatural shape to our eyes which we don’t want here. You can just apply a very thin layer of liner on your upper part of the eyes and don’t smudge it outwards.

eye makeup

Keep it thin so that it hides in the natural beauty of your eyes. Another essential thing in eye make is the use of mascara. Before applying mascara, make sure that you curl your lashes with the help of an eye lash curler.