Top 5 Tips For Natural Weight Loss

Top 5 Tips For Natural Weight Loss

Top 5 Tips For Natural Weight Loss The best way to lose weight is to go natural because with continuous efforts, natural weight loss can become a way of life whereas none of the other ways and means can become your lifestyle. Besides, natural weight loss methods are healthy, inexpensive and do not have any side effects.

Natural Weight Loss Methods

Early and Protein Packed Breakfast

After entire night’s work our body begins to starve in the morning. (while we were sleeping our  various organs and systems were working continuously). The best gift that you can give your starving body is to have a nutritious and healthy breakfast early in the morning. Take your breakfast by 9 – 9.30 in the morning.

For natural weight loss opt for high protein breakfast instead of high carbohydrates based foods. You can go for eggs, beans, peas, soy, sprouts or any other high protein foods. You can combine one of these foods with whole grains like egg and whole wheat toast for better nutrition.

Eat at Regular Intervals

Rather than aiming for three major meals in a day, go for 5 small meals a day. Small meals eaten at regular intervals help in maintaining blood sugar levels and speed up metabolism in our body. Once the body gets assured that it will get its nourishment at regular intervals it stops storing fats. Besides, when we eat after every two hours, we feel full even with small portions. This helps controlling portion size also.

Eat Fiber Rich Foods

By eating at regular intervals, we do not mean that you eat bagel in the morning, pastry in the afternoon and donuts in the evening. This kind of eating pattern will obviously lead to weight gain. Rather aim for salads, green vegetables and fruits as snacks and as starters. Fruits and vegetables contain fiber in large amounts.

Top 5 Tips For Natural Weight Loss


A daily dose of fiber helps in melting fat faster. The RDA for fiber is 14 grams a day and you can achieve it by eating salads, sprouts and fruits. If need be, one tea spoon of psyllium husk can be taken once a day.

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Early Dinner

Early dinner alone is a very powerful tool against losing weight. If you don’t exercise but manage to take an early dinner on a daily basis than also you can lose up to 2 kg a month. You should finish your dinner by 7 pm in the evening. Thereafter at night time you can eat vegetable stir fry, salads or clear soups or anything minus carbs and fats.

Include Fats in your Diet

Nobody will ask you to include fats in your diet but we will because good fats help in maintaining a healthy body, which is a basic requirement for weight loss. Our body needs these fats in moderate quantities for its functioning and maintenance. Good fats are monounsaturated fats (MUFAs) and polyunsaturated fats (PUFAs) which help in reducing cholesterol levels and make our heart healthy. They are found in nuts, seeds, fish, etc. Aim for one serving of these foods in a day.

These natural ways are easy to follow and can fit into your lifestyle easily. The need is to maintain perseverance and the results will start showing soon.