Top 5 Trendiest Short Bob Hairstyles For Women

Layered Bob Hairstyle

Women all over the world have different lengths of hair. Most of them have long and medium length hair and it is much easier for them to find a great hairstyle that would suit their face and their looks.

Women with short hair have an advantage of having easily manageable hair but it is fairly difficult for them to find the perfect hairstyle that would match their face and length of their hair. There are a few special short bob hairstyles that have been created for such women.

Types Of Short Bob Hairstyles For Women

Layered Bob Hairstyle

For those women with extremely short hair and who have a problem of thinness of the hair, a layered bob would be ideal for them. The bob can be cut in such a style where it would have layers at the back of the head to provide that extra volume and bounce in the hair.

Layered Bob Hairstyle

This hairstyle can be accompanied with a side bang or a small fringe of a few locks of hair to accentuate the face. A layered bob is great for women with scanty and thin hair.

Beach Bob Hairstyle

In this kind of a bob haircut, the one thing that stands out is the highlighted strands of hair. This hairstyle consists of tiny curls that have been created with the help of a curling tool. And these curls are twisted into ringlets to give the bob a cuter look. A special hairspray can be used to give it that shine and luster. The curls itself would give the bob some extra volume and bounce.

Side Bang Bob Hairstyle

For women who have short hair till the ears they can go in for such a hairstyle. A bob with either crimps or waves or even ringlets would look great with side bangs.

Beach Bob Hairstyle

Along with these special waves and curls the shape of the face, the makeup and the expressions of the woman are accentuated with the help of these side bangs. One can try to curl or twist the hair in the direction away from the face.

Short Straight Bob Hairstyle

This hairstyle includes strands of short and highlighted hair falling loosely over the face. The length of this bob is usually till the chin. In order to create that extra special swirl to this hairstyle, light colored streaks or highlights should be used.

Short Straight Bob Hairstyle

Deep parted bangs can be created to give the forehead a wider look. The entire look is very light and airy and the layers of hair and highlights blend extremely well.

Sleek Bob Hairstyle

A sleek bob haircut is ideal for those women who have a straight and long face. It would not look good on women with round faces. In this hairstyle, the hair is straightened into pin like strands with the help of a flat iron tool.

Sleek Bob Hairstyle

The front portion of hair on the face lies close to the structure of the face and is blunt. The back and the sides lie straight and close to the head as well. This is a very classy and elegant hairstyle and is used by many celebrities.

These short bob hairstyles are a few out of the many others that are available for women with short hair. For women who cannot seem to figure out a perfect style can either go to the salon and get a stylish bob hairstyle or they can just refer to many online websites or magazines to get images and procedures on ways to get the trendiest kind of hairstyle to suit their face!