Top 5 Upper Body Workouts Without Weights

If you’re trying to get your upper body in shape at home, and don’t have any weights to try out the common weight-training regimes, it’s time to look for exercises that are just as effective and give fruitful results.

With body building as an important part of normal as well as an enthusiast’s life, you need to make the best of whatever is available to you even if weights are not a part of that. Below we list five of the best exercises you can try at home without weights.

Upper Body Workouts Without Weights

Sliding Forearm Presses

This is done by taking both your arms in front on your face, and forcing them against each other as hard as possible. Once this is done, they are then slid up and down a few inches.

Sliding Forearm Presses

This is the ‘sliding’. This exercise is good for training your upper back, shoulders and lower. This does not train your upper arms, however, and there should be no misconception about this. Do this until your arms start to burn, and then stop. Do not overdo anything.

Triceps Kickbacks

This is an exercise that can be done both with and without weights. The procedure is to lean forward with your knees slightly bent. The arms are then extended, and finally brought back to your sides before finally being flexed. If done right, you will feel your own muscles and ligaments resisting your exercise. This is important since if you do not feel any resistance, it is likely that you are not pushing yourself.

Chest Presses

This exercise is one of the simplest upper body conditioning exercises that can be repeated many times than normal training exercises. The arms are held out in the front with the elbows bent. They are then taken sideways and brought back to their original positions. This makes this a low-intensity exercise but this also allows it to be repeated many times. This primarily serves to train your chest and shoulder muscles. Best done in combination with other exercises, this is mainly for a quick workout when less time is available.

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Arm Circles

This is a simple yet but high-calorie workout where the arms are extended to the sides and controlled circles are made. As simple as it is, it trains both the upper and lower arms and it trains them both extremely well.

Arm Circles

The weight of the arms acts against them allowing your muscles to work against their own weight as well as the weight of your bones. This is also good to train your back and shoulders as these muscles are responsible for a large part of the movement.

Push Ups

Possibly the simplest and also the hardest of non-weight-training exercises for the upper body, push ups strain your muscles, joints, and even your bones. Lie face down on the ground and use your arms to lift up your entire body like a ramp. Make sure that no part of the body bends once your arms are fully stretched out. Repeat this for 30 seconds at a stretch.


This exercise needs rigorous training. So don’t be discouraged if you’re unable to do even a few repetitions at first. Proper practice definitely makes you feel better. While exercising keep in mind the various medical conditions, if any, and don’t needlessly strain your body beyond its limits. That is usually more harmful than helpful.