Top 5 Uses Of Olive Oil For Skin

clear skin

clear skinOlive oil is worldwide famous for its awesome medicinal properties that make it very special product for skin care. It has been widely used in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and cooking as well from over the ages. It has wonderful health benefits as well as it possesses amazing skin benefits.

Olive oil is obtained from fruit of olive tree that is found in Mediterranean Basin and belongs to Oleaceae family. It contains anti-oxidants and vitamin E and K, monounsaturated fats, anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties that help in healing and rejuvenating skin making it healthier and smooth.

Benefits of olive oil for skin are innumerable that is why markets are flooded with olive oil skin care products.  It helps in increasing elasticity of skin, reducing signs of aging, prevents free radicles damage and heals many other skin problems.

Different Uses Of Olive Oil For Skin

For Moisturizing Skin

Olive oil is full of moisturizing properties due to presence of vitamin E and provides proper nourishment to the skin. Its anti-oxidants help in locking moisture in the skin that keeps skin soft and smooth. It penetrates skin deeply and helps in brightening complexion as well. Olive oil is one of the perfect natural cures to treat dry skin due to its moisturizing abilities. However, it can be used on all skin types. Just wash your face with water thoroughly and apply olive oil moisturizer on your face rubbing gently till it gets absorbed in the skin.

For Reducing Inflammation


Its anti-inflammatory properties help in reducing inflammation on skin. Extra virgin oil is very effective in healing inflammation as it contains oleocanthal named compound that helps in providing relief from inflammation. Simply rub extra virgin oil on affected area gently to get rid of inflammation and let it heal naturally.

For Exfoliating Skin

You can also use olive oil for exfoliation of skin naturally. Mix some salt or sugar with olive oil and apply on your skin. Scrub or massage your skin gently to remove dead skin cells.

Olive Oil

It will help in easily removing layer of dead skin as well as moisturize the healthy skin cells. You can use it as mild body scrub that will make your skin youthful and glowing.

For Preventing Premature Aging

Olive oil contains powerful anti-oxidants like vitamin E and hydroxytyrosol that play major role in preventing free radicles damage on skin cells.

 Aging skin

It provides protection from early damage of healthy skin cells and also promotes cells rejuvenation. Its regular use prevents skin from premature aging and helps in getting soft and healthy skin. It also protects collagen from breakdown and maintains elasticity and firmness of skin.

For Delicate Skin Around Eyes

Olive oil is one of the best products that is safe to use upon delicate skin around eyes. You can use olive oil for eye make-up removal without any doubt safely.

delicate skin under eyes

Just soak one cotton ball in extra virgin olive oil and use it to remove your eye make up with soft hands. It not only removes make-up in a gentle way but also keep your skin moisturized naturally.