Top 6 Hairstyles For Short Hair

Hairstyles For Short HairShort hair is easy to maintain and time saving. But some people think it is not easy to give it a stylish look for girls. You can play with your short hair to transform into fashionable and good looking styles. Here are some.

Various Hairstyles For Short Hair

Classic Bob

The bob hairstyle prevails in fashion from olden days till now. A classic bob is cut upto the ear in the sides and upto the neck at the back. You can have a bob cut with straight or side swept bangs.

It looks decent and is a professional hairstyle to wear to the office. Another good style with the bob cut is to part it in the side and give a curved and fluffy effect to the front bangs. By doing so you would give a nice volume at one side, covering till the eyebrow.

Classic Bob Oval Cut

Pull your hair from the centre of your head to all the sides. The bangs do not start from the forehead, but from the top. In the sides, cut your hair in such a way that your hair touches your cheek halfway. See that the hair bends towards your face and not outwards. This cut gives your face an oval shape.

Oval Cut Very Short Pixie Cuts

This pixie cut does not come in contact with your face in any side. It is really easy to maintain. But it looks good on oval and elongated faces only. You can just comb it sideways. Or give some volume on the top of your crown.

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The Inverted V Cut

This hairstyle looks like an inverted V on both front and back. Leave the hair in the sides just above your chin. Go cutting it slantingly shorter towards the back at an 45 degree angle till your neck. When this is done from both the sides, the inverted V at the back is over. Do the same with your front bangs. They should go shorter and shorter towards the middle of your forehead. This hairstyle makes your face look a little elongated.

Inverted V Cut Step Cutting

In step cutting, your hair is cut in layers. Cut your hair to the desired length at the sides and make strands with decreasing or increasing length.

The difference between the inverted V and step cutting is that, here layering is done in strands of hair. The steps are discontinuous while in inverted V, the haircut forms a continuous line. Step cutting without fringes in the front looks good for a face with broader jaws.

Step CuttingWavy Layers

This is not a professional hairstyle, but gives a cute and mischievous look. Part your hair with a side crease. Layer your hair from top to the bottom. That is, take a tuft of hair from near the crease and cut it short. Then take little tufts of same size, thereby increasing the distance from the crease and also increasing their length towards the ear. Curve each strand outwards. Vary the length alternatively for the strands in the same level of the crease line.

Wavy LayersTry these short hairstyles and go styling with little time for your hair.