Top 6 Leg Exercises For Women

Top 6 Leg Exercises For Women

Top 6 Leg Exercises For Women Lower body is the most vulnerable area for women to gain flesh. Most of the women are found struggling to either get rid of their thundering thighs or camouflaging them under layers of clothing. At times even a petite waist among ladies curves steeply into a relatively disproportionate structure of hips.

Such a physique not only looks awkward but even makes girls subject to a lot of embarrassment or sometimes ridicule. Although we should always take pride in the way we have been carved by the almighty and should not let anybody make us look down upon ourselves, there is also nothing wrong about putting a step forth to try and attain a healthier and more attractive body. After all when we value the money, people, life and everything else that we are endowed with, then why take our body for granted?

Coming back to the health issues, there are innumerable women who resort to every possible thing under the Sun so as to shed the extra pounds only to be exhausted and give it all up later. They follow a stringent diet plan which ends in them binging more than what they would have otherwise, join slimming centres lured by their flimsy claims, make resolutions to sweat all the fat out which hardly fructify and what not?

But the elementary aspect which they readily overlook is identification of the problem area and hitting the bull’s eye. But then as the famous saying goes, ‘it’s never too late to start’, there is no age or stage to get health conscious as well. In order to give a little push to your workout regime, mentioned below are a few exercises which can help you tone your legs down.

Best Leg Exercises for Women


This should form the foundation of your everyday’s workout session. Begin with light stretching of your legs to relax the muscles in order to prevent any lingering pain. Lift your legs up and try and touch your chin, lift and bend your legs backwards one by one, spread out your limbs as far as possible and take your body on each side once. These are a few drills which you can take up.


If you can’t find time to hit a gym, the least you can do is to lie down on your back and rotate your legs in a cycling motion. You can perform this exercise in two to three rounds depending upon your stamina.

Top 6 Leg Exercises For Women

Begin with two rounds of 100 or 50 rotations each and step it up with time to reach as much as 500 rotations or more. This is a very efficacious workout which helps bring our thighs in shape. You can even lift your head up a little for better results and to strain your tummy a bit during the motion.


This is undoubtedly one of the most effective exercises for the bottom half of the body which caters to not only fat accumulated on thighs but also that on hips. Two sets of 10 each should suffice for starters while girls looking forward to quick results can double up the schedule. But make sure not to strain your legs beyond the point they can easily take. Quit exercising and relax your legs the moment you feel any uncomfortable sensation in your feet since this exercise puts the entire body weight on your thighs and feet.

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This is an activity requiring you to bend your legs in a sitting position as low as you can bear and erecting the legs back after staying in the sitting position awhile. Repeat the process of descending and ascending ten to twenty times based on your ability. Keep your arms raised or horizontally or vertically straight and avoid lending support to your body while in the process of exercising.

Contraction and Relaxation of Legs

This is an exercise which although very result oriented commands a little effort on the part of the person so as to create the perfect set up. This exercise requires you to lie down on your back and collect your legs above your chest.

Top 6 Leg Exercises For Women

Now, raise your legs up diagonally and collect them back above the chest. Repeat the process of expansion and contraction of legs until you feel worn out. Using some weight on the legs during this exercise shall deliver much better and hastier results.

Up and Down on Knees

This extremely simple routine is the perfect workout for heavier women who cannot sustain physical exhaustion beyond a particular point. All you need to do in this exercise is to sit on your knees comfortably and do sit-ups in the mentioned position. You can perform this activity in a number of sets even twice a day since the simpler the exercise, higher is the frequency required for it to yield expected outcome. Sit-ups in this posture can make your thighs and hips better shaped and shall prepare your body to undertake more strenuous regimes. However, do not attempt this training if you suffer from knee ailments.

These are a few everyday exercise routines which if followed religiously can deliver results at par with any other artificial mode of cutting unsolicited layers of flesh being entirely natural and safe, unlike them. Moreover, the results attained by embarking on the natural path are always long lasting and without any compromises. So, enough of concealing flab, it’s time to eradicate it from root itself.