6 Natural Cure for Cysts

6 Natural Cure for Cysts

Cysts have been found to trouble lot of women across the world.They are sac-like growths. Cysts should never be left unattended. Proper care must be taken to cure it. Medications sure have remedies for cysts but nature has its own way of treating any problem.

Medications may or may not work and even if they do,cysts might come back.Natural remedies on the other hand are slow but extremely effective too. So the best way is always going in for natural therapies.We are going to give you a brief insight into the top 6 natural cures for cysts.

Best Natural Cures For Cysts 

Reduce Estrogen 

Reducing estrogen is one of the most effective solutions to cure cysts naturally.For this, one must stop eating soy foods. Try and eat only organic meat and dairy products.If you use microwave, do not heat food in plastics. Avoid drinking water from plastic bottles at all costs. Use detergents that are natural.Avoid beauty products that use mineral oils.


Increase Progesterone 

Excess estrogen generally leads to deficiency of progesterone too.You must try and increase your progesterone levels to cure cysts naturally. Our human body requires adequate amount of vitamin c and B6 to maintain progesterone levels. Lack of B6 immediately results in decreased progesterone production in the body.


For B6 eat whole grains, spinach, bananas, beans, potatoes, walnuts, lean red meat, seafood, fortified cereals and poultry. Vitamin C is found in citrus fruits, broccoli, strawberries,peaches, papaya, bell peppers, oranges and tomatoes. You may also consume foods that contain zinc to increase the progesterone levels in your body.


Acupuncture is also found to be effective in treating cysts. It is a natural therapy of inserting needles in different parts of the body for different types of cures. One must sure go to a specialist who holds good knowledge and experience in treating patients with acupuncture.


Avoid Refined Sugar

Too much of sugar can suppress our immune system and hence lead to many problems. If you have cysts,you must make sure to reduce refined sugar in your diet, don’t eat outside food and avoid caffeine,beverages,cold drinks,processed food,sodas and sweetened fruit juices.


Reduce Stress

Though this may not really help in curing the cysts per se, but it sure can help in its prevention. Relax as much as you can and rest your body well. You must not stress your body out uselessly and put yourself at the risk of various other illnesses. Relax your body and mind, go for massages and spa.


Herbal Tea 

Herbal tea promotes overall well-being in humans.The healing properties of herbal tea actually help flush all the harmful toxins from our body.Chamomile tea,for instance is a great cure for curing cysts naturally. They can help in relieving the pain and the pressure on body and mind really well.

green tea

Green tea and white tea are also equally effective. They too help in removing all toxins and fight various free radicals in our body. So make it a habit to sip on these herbal teas as much as you can to cure your cysts naturally.