Top 6 Remedies For Itchy Skin

Top 6 Remedies For Itchy Skin

Top 6 Remedies For Itchy Skin How many times have you suffered from an embarrassing itchy skin problem? Most of us have faced this at some time or the other.  We tend to look for a quick and immediate remedy for any such problem which prevents us from finding the real cause of such discomfort.

If you are aware of its causes, you will be able to a solution to prevent such itchiness  – quite essential for long term relief of the problem. Here are some such causes of itchy skin and its remedies explained.

Easy Itchy Skin Remedies


If you have dry skin you will experience itchiness especially in winter. The cells of skin usually separate which gives an itchy uncomfortable feeling. As a remedy you need to moisturize your skin throughout the day. Use a hydrating lotion or moisturizer to keep your skin continuously hydrated. Apply olive oil or body cream at regular intervals if you have excessive dry skin.

Using Natural Cosmetics

Many times you may experience skin itchiness due to the presence of different chemicals in your cosmetics. Check if you have started using a new product – it may have some ingredients which can cause itchiness.

Top 6 Remedies For Itchy Skin

If you are not using natural/herbal skin care products  you should immediately start using them. Use herbal deodorants, lotions, creams and even fragrances. You may have sensitive and allergic skin which reacts with the chemicals used in these cosmetics.

Change In Food

One common cause of itchy skin is the  food you consume. You may be allergic to certain foods like eggs, shrimps, nuts, tomatoes, tree nuts and even milk, which when consumed reacts and causes an uncomfortable skin irritation. Try to identify the food, after the consumption of which you develop itchiness. You have to restrict the intake of all such foods immediately.

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Liver Cleansing

Liver toxicity can also lead to skin irritation. If you have a regular fat rich diet or consume too much alcohol, you need to do liver cleansing regularly.

Top 6 Remedies For Itchy Skin

You can follow any liver cleansing diet or consume herbs which can detoxify the liver. These herbs include milk thistle, dandelion and turmeric.

Change Your Soap

Do you experience itching right after a bath? If this is so, your soap is the culprit. Change it immediately. Soaps are often made from harmful chemicals which can cause  skin problems. Use light herbal cleansing soaps as a remedy.

Adequate Sun Protection

Sunburn is also a common cause for itchy skin. If you find your skin itching after being out in the sun for sometime, it’s a sign of sunburn. The easiest option is to stay protected from harmful rays of the sun. Keep your skin protected by wearing full sleeves or carrying an umbrella whenever you are out. Use a sunscreen whenever you step out of your home, even in the winter. Use dampened tissues or wet sponge to dampen your skin.

These were some common remedies for itchy skin which will be helpful. If you find your problem aggravating or is disrupting your normal day to day activities, it is recommended to consult your physician immediately.