Top 7 Fashionable Footwear For Women

Top 7 Fashionable Footwear For Women

A scintillating set of shoes can make any woman look smart and stylish. While few women have a fetish for foot wears, few others slide their feet into anything they lay their eyes on. Complementing a look with a great pair of footwear is no less than an art. Many women end up sabotaging a get look with a horrible choice of footwear.

Especially when it comes to heels, the job becomes even trickier as women not only need to pick a nice pair but also carry it with elegance. Listed below are a few trendy foot wears which women can sport with various garments.

List of Fashionable Footwear for Women


This is another type of sought after fashion footwear matched with western apparel. There is a wide range of boots preferred by women right from thigh-high, knee-high, ankle boots, calf-high or platform boots.

Top 7 Fashionable Footwear For Women

They look splendid especially with denim skirts or a well fitted pair of jeans. Boots can turn any casual look into a sexy one easily.


Bellies is an ever green foot wear which always look fresh and stylish. Whether worn with a pair of jeans or a one-piece or a skirt, bellies always looks awesome. Bellies can easily be termed as a formal footwear as well since they go superbly well with formal skirts and trousers also. Pencil-heeled or flat or broad-heeled, bellies can be picked in any style or colour as per the occasion.


Generally sported by gals who prioritize comfort over fashion, floater sandals is another pair of trendy foot wears. They can easily be made to look stylish by teaming them up with a pair of matching socks.

Top 7 Fashionable Footwear For Women

A variety of floaters are available in the market depending upon the taste of women.


Pumps is a pair of cute and stylish footwear which are present in many styles for different purposes and garments. There are flat-soled ballet pumps, plimsoll pumps which are mainly used for athletics, heeled pumps and many more. They have been designed considering both comfort as well as style.


Traditional Indian footwear, jootis, looks fabulous with kurtis and salwar-kameez on women. Markets are flooded with Jootis available in many unique colors and designs.

Top 7 Fashionable Footwear For Women

Jootis can also be sported with a pair of jeans and junk jewellery to make a conventional western look more funky and trendy.

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Thigh High Boots For Women


These are a pair of sexy foot wears which go well with almost every outfit. Being very stylishly high-heeled is the only characteristic that makes them so desirable among women. Although they look classy and smart but carrying them with elegance is not a piece of cake. It is imperative on women sporting stilettos to be confident and more importantly comfortable in them.


A pair of smart slippers is a must-have for every girl. Fancy slippers in cute designs and in different colours are a craze among girls, especially college-goers.

Top 7 Fashionable Footwear For Women

Even heeled slippers are in plenitude in the market. They can be perfect for any hang-out, a beach stroll or any casual occasion. But don’t forget your regular pedicure sessions before you step out in slippers.

The footwear that a woman picks can make or break her look. What is important is that a right pair of shoes is picked keeping in mind not only the fashion but also comfort.