7 Foods That Prevent Hair Loss

7 Foods That Prevent Hair Loss

Hair loss or hair fall is a common problem amongst women who feel that they are the only one facing such a problem. The truth is that thousands of women suffer from this problem and try various remedies to cure it on a permanent basis.

They resort to various types of hair treatments and use different oils and hair products.Being so busy in doing all this they often forget that the food items that they eat play a vital role in preventing hair loss from taking place. Eat these top 7 food items to prevent hair loss to a great extent.

Best 7 Foods That Prevent Hair Loss

Red Meat

Being one of the most beneficial foods to prevent hair loss red meat is a good source of iron that gets absorbed in your body quite easily. This helps oxygen to get transported to the tissues and organs in our body and sulphur is able to reach your hair follicles and keep them healthy.

red meat

With the help of iron, your scalp gets a very good flow of blood and the hair that has been falling reduces immensely. It also helps to reduce inflammation in the scalp.


Oats help to sustain high energy levels in the body and help in the formation of melatin. Melatin is useful in keeping our natural hair color as it is and this can prevent hair loss from taking place. Being enriched with potassium, magnesium, iron and phosphorus, they give way to healthy and strong hair and stop hair fall extensively.

oatmeal breakfastr


Eggs are protein all the way and so is our hair.Giving your hair more of what it is made of makes a lot of sense. A protein rich diet will help your hair to grow and prevent hair loss from taking place.Eggs also contain biotin which is quite useful in producing sulphur and keratin which are quite essential for preventing hair loss.


Dry Fruits And Nuts

If you have a sweet tooth, opt for dry fruits and nuts like almonds, cashews, raisins and walnuts instead of eating sweets, chocolates and pastries.Not only are they healthy for your body but are also rich in sulphur, biotin and iron and are packed with Vitamin E, which plays a key role in preventing hair loss.


Vitamin E increases the blood circulation in your scalp and also promotes the growth of inositol that is required for healthy hair follicles.

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Bean Sprouts

Bean sprouts contain Silica which helps the body to use and absorb the vitamins and minerals from other foods. Other rich sources of silica are cucumbers, potatoes and red and green peppers. Eating these food items raw will help you get more nutrition from them and prevent hair loss by supplying your body with all the minerals and vitamins that it needs.

bean sprout


Vitamin A is found in great abundance in carrots and nourishes your scalp completely. If your scalp is well-nourished, then your hair will remain strong and full of moisture and this will prevent hair loss from taking place. It is better to consume raw carrots instead of cooked ones.



All types of seafood contain a lot of vitamin B12, zinc and iron and provide your hair with all the nourishment that it needs so that the problem of hair loss can be prevented. Shrimps, salmon, oysters and pomfret are some common seafood items which must be consumed regularly to prevent hair loss.

sea food