Top 7 Homemade Remedies For Skin

Remedies For Skin

How many times have we fretted over our looks? Tried to find remedies for it; many times, right? We all do. We all crave to have a better look that suits us. Also we don’t want the treatment to burn a hole in our pocket. So we either go for cheaper products which might backtrack and leave some marks of it, or we would try out some home-made remedies or in India which is popularly called as “Dadi ka nuskha”.

Remedies For Skin

The best solution for healthy skin is drinking lots and lots of water. It helps keep your skin moist and helps in keep it glowing. But there are other remedies too that you can use to take care of your skin. For all home-made remedies lovers, I bring you some really easy and quick solutions for your skin care, which you can easily find in your own kitchen. Try them out:

Best Homemade Remedies For Skin

Yogurt Wonder

Applying yogurt after a walk in the harsh sunlight can help in removing the tan that haunts us after a sunny walk.


Olive Magic

Take 3 tablespoons of olive oil, a table spoon of honey, a table spoon of sea salt, three-quarters of sugar and a tea spoon of vanilla. Mix all the ingredients and scrub it on your face in circular motions. Leave the mask for some twenty minutes after scrubbing. Wash it with cold water to relieve your skin of friction.

Scrub Your Skin

You can use white sugar with olive oil and vanilla essence for scent to use as scrub. It would live a long lasting effect on your skin, making it soft and tender.

Scrub Your Skin

Turmeric Home Mask

Mix oatmeal, a pinch of turmeric and milk to make a paste. Apply and wash your face with water massaging it all the while. This paste act as a scrubber removes all the dirt and oil from the skin and makes you feel fresh again.


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Lemon Lust

Lemon is the best way to reduce your tan. Use it in various masks to enhance the effect. Also you can mix honey with lemon and apply it on your face. It moisturizes your skin and makes it look glowing. You can also rub tomato skin on your face. The seed of it acts as a scrub and helps in getting your skin fairer.


Almonds For An All Round Effect

Soak almonds in water and at night grind them with milk; make a paste and apply it on your face overnight. Wash it with water in the morning to get a fresh glowing skin.


Fruits For Fun

Dried orange peel with curd paste also gives good result as a face mask. Apply it for 20 minutes to remove scars and blemishes. Mash papaya and mix it with milk to apply on your face for some 20 minutes. Papaya is known for its skin lightening properties. Scrub banana and honey with sugar for 15 minutes. It moisturizes and brings fairness to your skin.

Apart from going through this entire charade you can add fresh fruits to your daily diet cutting out all the junk food. Drink fresh juice instead of soft drinks or beverages. Exercise daily. And you will find the difference in your skin. Just a little bit of adjustment and change in your lifestyle can do wonders to you on the whole.