Top 7 Long Hairstyles Updos

Top 7 Long Hairstyles Updos

Every girl wants to look gorgeous and special on her special day. Be it her first date, her birthday, a prom night or any other occasion in her life. Various tips can make you look just perfect at your special day. These include a perfect outfit, matching accessories and not to forget, hairstyle updos.

Here, we will discuss different hairstyle updos that can help you get the desired look. A perfect hair updo is created with respect to the face cut, the features, and the texture of your hair. If you have long hair, you have a lot of options for styling your hair. If you have long curly hair, you may go for the topsy turvy look i.e. the twist and pin updos.

Best Long Hairstyles Updos


Top 7 Long Hairstyles Updos

Any normal updo turns out to be a blast when some special touch is added to it. If you usually make a pony tail, just add a twist to it by pumping up the side of the hair. After that just wing the hair to go against the part. If possible, try to straighten the hair.

The Braid Chic Look

The braid chic look is not going anywhere. It is going to stay in the fashion for quite a long time. Try braiding your hair when the hair is tied like a bun. There is no need to straighten up the hair.

A Messy Low Bun

This style is perfect for you if you are going out for a long time. It does not need touch ups. It is said that the messier it is, the sexier it looks. Collect all the strands of the hair and pile them at the neck using fancy hair pins. Don’t wind it tightly. Make it loose so that it can frame your complete face.

Tila Tequila Hairstyle

This is a casual updo for long hairstyles. The hair is straightened and then pulled over to the right or left side of the head. And then it is pinned.

Top 7 Long Hairstyles Updos

It is very easy to do and does not need enough time. Hair shining products are used to give a shine to your hair to catch the public attention.

Gillian Anderson Hairstyle

These hairstyles are suitable for women who have a round, oval, triangular or heart shaped face. The styling time is not more than thirty minutes. Locks are made out of the hair and then they are pinned. This updo actually needs a lot of hair styling products to add the smoothness and shine to the hair. It is best suited for round faced women.

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Britt Roberton Hairstyle

It is a type of blow waved smooth hairstyle. Hair braiding is done and then it is worn over your shoulder for soft and glamorous look.

Top 7 Long Hairstyles Updos

Hardly any product is needed to create the shine and smoothness in your hair. It is suited on the women with square or diamond shaped face. The styling time is around one hour.

Salon Hairstyle

This hairstyle is quite different from the other ones. The hair is twisted and made like a knob and then pinned at the top of the head. It makes a cool hairstyle to balance out a round face. Some hair strands are left out on the face to give a gorgeous look.