Top 7 Natural Cures For Dementia


DementiaDementia is becoming quite a common disease amongst many people around the world. When the social and thinking ability of a person gets affected to any extent, it can hamper one’s day to day functioning and prevent one from leading a normal life. In most cases, it has been seen that dementia is generally followed by memory loss.

Though there are a number of medications available for this disease, natural cures and remedies help to speed up the treatment and prevent the condition of the patient from worsening. The top 7 natural cures for dementia are as follows.

Top 7 Natural Cures For Dementiade

Power of Vitamins

Vitamin E and vitamin C are the two most important vitamins for any dementia patient if they wish to get cured in a natural manner. Regular consumption of Vitamin E supplements in little quantities can help to slow down the progression of the disease.

Power of Vitamins

Vitamin C on the other hand helps to repair the abnormal functioning of the brain and is considered to be a good natural cure for this disease. Consume lots of citrus fruits along with all types green leafy vegetable every day, as they are quite rich in Vitamin C and help to control dementia.

Folic Acid

Folic acid helps to cure dementia in mild cases and reduces the effects that it has on the patient’s body in more severe cases. Fruits like papaya, strawberries and oranges along with vegetables like peas and asparagus are quite rich in folic acid and should be consumed every day by dementia patients.


Almonds are yet another way to control dementia as they are rich in Vitamin E along with many other nutrients. Soak 6 to 8 almonds in a glass of water overnight, peel the almonds in the morning and eat it raw.


With regular consumption of almonds, you will able to strengthen your brain, increase memory and combat diseases like dementia.

Omega 3 Fatty Acids

Being a fatty acid which is polyunsaturated, omega 3 fatty acids are found in abundance in nuts and fishes and are quite useful in reducing cognitive impairment of any sort. Recent studies reveal that dementia patients must consume good amounts of fishes and nuts in their food and also consume supplements of omega 3 fatty acids to control the disease and prevent it from increasing.

Coenzyme 10

Being an antioxidant which is found in our body naturally, coenzyme 10 helps to make the cells in your body reach normally and can prove to be of help in controlling problems like dementia.

Coenzyme 10

You can consume it supplements after consulting your doctor as he will be able to guide you as to what the right dosage would be.

Gingko Biloba

The herb gingko biloba contains anti0inflammatory properties along with strong antioxidants which are capable of helping a patient’s brain cells from breaking down completely. You can use the extracts of this herb to make herbal tea and give it to the patient 2 to 3 times every day. This will help control the disease and not allow it to increase.

Foods To Consume

Foods To Consume

Consuming a healthy and nutritious diet is very important for a patient suffering from dementia. Pumpkin ad sesame seeds, milk powder, carrots, oranges, soy products, vinegar and blueberries are some of the most important food items which must be consumed by such a patient regularly to help cure the disease in a natural manner.

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