Top 7 Tips To Jazz Up Your Jean Jacket

Denim Jacket

The Classic Jean Jacket is back! You can now don a denim jacket on a floral dress, a casual tee or on any plain top to jazz it up and give your look a classic, ‘to-die-for’ twist! However, a plain jean jacket can often be a very boring and safe attempt in the name of fashion! So here are few ways to Jazz up your denim jacket.

Top 7 Tips to Jazz Up Your Jean Jacket


Denim Jacket

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Brooches are making a classic comeback. A style statement of the 70’s is back with a bang. Just pin up a brooch to your jean jacket to add the bling factor to it. Brooches are available in various forms and shapes. A butterfly shape or a stoned brooch is a classic choice.

Fabric Paint

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Fabric Paints are an inexpensive way to style up your denim jacket. Available easily in any store, you can use them to draw up any design on the jacket or simply paint abstract. You can use various bling colors or also opt for matt’s. Carefully trace a design of your choice on the jacket and then use fabric paint to outline it and paint it.

Hot Glue

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Patch work on your Denim Jacket can be obtained easily using hot glue. Opt for flowery patches, abstract patches or rugged ones. Simply, apply hot glue on the patch, place it on the jacket and iron it for a minute or two. You can also opt for a portrait of your favorite rock star or your beloved music band as a patch. However, be cautious while using hot glue, as it can be hazardous if it may come in contact with your skin.

Beads or Stones

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Beads and stones are extremely popular forms of embellishments. Try and use beads and stones with holes in the centre, as these can be easily sewed onto the jackets. You can opt for colorful stones or go for beads in shades of a single color to create different patterns and unique color palettes.


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Usage of bow’s can give the jacket a semi- formal twist. Use a bow of any size and pin it up onto the jacket. You can go Retro, by choosing a polka dotted bow or if you like it plain you can go for a monotone color.

Old Junk Jewelry and Ornaments

Dig your Drawers and hunt your jewelry boxes and find the ornaments which are of no use to you. You can incorporate these waste tidbits onto your jacket and make it a pretty piece! For example, you can use a pair of earrings and sew them onto the jacket using a strong thread.

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You can also use bangles in the form of loops. Stick them using strong glue. A necklace can also be used to either decorate the collar or pockets. Best can thus be made out of waste.

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Ribbons and Sequins

Ribbons and sequins can be sewed or glued onto the denim jacket to give it a desirable makeover. You can use sequins to cover the pockets entirely. This will add the right amount of shine to the jacket. Ribbons can be tied into plaits and then used to give the jacket a girly and flirty twist!

style up denim jacket

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So go ahead and give your jean jacket a makeover of sorts! These embellishments are inexpensive and easy to add. You can make use of different embellishments and get a new look each time. All you have to do is follow these simple tips to jazz up your jean jacket and flaunt it with funk and show it off in style!