Top 7 Trendy Hair Accessories For Wedding

Top 7 Trendy Hair Accessories For Wedding

Top 7 Trendy Hair Accessories For Wedding Hair accessory plays a significant role in giving the final touch to your wedding look. Whether it’s quirky and chic feather headband, or the classic traditional tiara; the hair accessory can actually add your personal touch to the bridal styling. The gorgeous accessory adorning your crowning glory can transform you completely, from a regular bride to an extraordinary fashionista walking down the aisle.

However, with the markets flooded with huge variety of hair accessories; you must decide on your pick, keeping the entire wedding theme and especially your bridal dress in mind. If you are a contemporary, modern bride, and don’t want to go with the age old tiara routine on your big day; here are some of the trendy hair accessories, to complete your bridal look with a dash of elegance and oodles of style.

Elegant and Trendy Hair Accessories for Wedding

Jewel Embellished Gilded Comb

If you are a delicate and fragile bride, gilded comb is the perfect hair accessory for you, on your big day. Just a tiny piece of hair accessory- gilded comb can actually transform you to a super glamorous bride with its distinct appeal. Tuck a few strands on the side with the help of the jewelled or crystal embellished gilded comb for a soft feminine touch.

The gilded comb will also give you a neat look, but you need to adjust it after sometime. It can be pulled by the veil or too much of movement can loosen it a bit. With the dazzling gilded comb adorning your hair, you can see the sparkle in your man’s eyes that will be beaming with pride.

Feather Flower

Feather flowers are the statement bridal hair accessories these days. Add a chic yet stylish feather flower to your side bun, or to the tousled side braid, to make the heads turn with your vintage charm, as you walk down the aisle to be with the man you love. Feather flowers are available in various hues; match one with your wedding dress. A beautiful and trendy feather flower adoring your hair is a bold statement by a young and fierce contemporary, independent bride.

Crystal Barrette

Crystal barrettes are the trendy pieces of hair accessory that never go out of style. Ideal for young, chirpy brides with short hair, crystal barrettes are cute, glamorous and uber stylish.

Top 7 Trendy Hair Accessories For Wedding

A jewelled barrette on the side parted hair will add the bridal bling to your hairstyle. The crystal barrette will transform you into a chic bride with spunk.

Veiled Hair Pin

With changing time, veils have also come a long way. Although, veils are very traditional and utterly romantic; you might want to do away with the long flowing veil, and opt for a cute little yet stylish veiled pin.

The veiled hair pin has a beautiful net veil attached to it, to help you flaunt your lovely hairdo for your special day, without compromising with the tradition. You can simply take off the veil after the wedding and the gorgeous hair pin will serve as the absolutely new and sparkling piece of hair accessory for your reception. Veiled pin are immensely popular these days.

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Jewelled Headband

Jewelled Headbands are the most sophisticated and classic hair accessory for wedding, with timeless elegance and beauty. Headbands are pretty and trendy to go with all types of wedding dresses and makeup. It suits all brides, young or mature. Jewelled headbands also compliment practically all hairstyles. Comfort is also a reason for jewelled headbands to remain so popular for all these years. You can find huge variety of crystal, pearl, jewel embellished headbands to make you look a dazzling bride with impeccable styling.

Crystal Hair Ties

If you have long hair, accessorize it with gorgeous crystal hair ties to make a beautiful bridal statement. You can soft curl the lower strands of your hair and tie them on one side with crystal hair ties, for the diva appeal on your big day.

Top 7 Trendy Hair Accessories For Wedding

Crystal ties will add a dash of tinsel town glamour to your bridal look.

Pearl Hairpins

Pearl hairpins are soft, delicate and perfect to accessorize your crowing glory on the most special day of your life. A classic chignon with beautiful pearl hair pins will take your bridal grace and elegance to an absolutely new level.