Top 8 Ball Exercises For Women

Top 8 Ball Exercises For Women

Women of all age groups have a strong desire to achieve and maintain an enviable and toned body shape. Who says spending hordes of money to have access to the machinery in the gym is only the route to a fit body? All you need is a fitness or exercise ball that incorporates a much needed variation to your daily workout at home.

Here are the some of the most result oriented exercise ball workouts that provide agility and balance to the body.

Effective Ball Exercises for Women

Leg Lifts Using A Fitness Ball

Slice off the excess fat deposited in the abdominal area as well as the fat on the inner aspect of your thighs by performing sets of leg lifts. Spread out a mat and lie down keeping your back absolutely flat and arms by either side of your body. Make a hold on the exercise ball using your feet such that the thighs from a ninety degree angle with your legs.

Top 8 Ball Exercises For Women

In the next step, you need to exhale slowly and raise the ball off the mat and towards the ceiling whilst straightening both the legs. Once at the peak, try and hold the position (but not breathing) till the count of three. The last step involves inhalation of air and lowering of the ball to the initial position. A set of ten repetitions must be done thrice to ensure good results.

Make Squats More Interesting With An Exercise Ball

Target your muscles by performing squats with the help of a fitness ball. Sandwich the ball between the wall and your back. Once that is done, place your arms over the chest and take small footsteps forward and simultaneously push your body weight into the large ball.

Take a deep breath and go lower for a squat position such that the feet are at a distance equivalent to the width of your shoulders. Also, at all times during the workout, your knees must stay in line with ankles. Note that the ball will roll over the wall while you descend. Exhale and slowly return to the initial place. This completes one repetition of squats. As a beginner, aim for five repititions and gradually go for two sets of ten repetitions each.

Master Abdominal Curls

If you are aiming for a slimmer body, you must complete this exercise for it removes the fat and tones the abdominal muscles.  To perform this exercise, place the fitness ball in the area corresponding to the lower portion of your back and pelvis. Your feet must be at hip width distance from one another while the knees should be bent to form an angle of ninety degrees.

Top 8 Ball Exercises For Women

Entwine your fingers behind your head (not your neck). With both elbows facing outwards, slowly raise your upper body off the surface of the ball. Keep the abdominal muscles engaged to feel the burn. Complete the exercise by lowering your body in a slow and careful manner.

Bridge Exercise Coupled With Exercise Ball

One of the best ways to engage the core muscles and target muscles of the abdomen, buttocks and thighs is to try the bridge exercise in combination with a ball. Take your position by lying face up on the exercise mat. Keep and maintain your legs hip width apart after you have planted both the heels on the maximum curvature of the ball.

For additional stability, place the arms by your side with palms facing the mat. It is important to exhale and while keeping the abdominal muscles contracted, lift the hips off the ground. You must pay attention to the posture at this time to avoid feeling any strain. To do so, keep your body in a straight line, beginning from the shoulders to the heels. For beginners, it is best to place the fitness ball under the level of knees.

Elevate Your Stamina With Push Ups

Exercises when performed on a daily basis can bring changes in the stamina level. Push ups done on a fitness ball does the same. Here are a few instructions to direct you through the entire exercise.

Top 8 Ball Exercises For Women

Take your position on the ball and walk your till the ball rests under the thighs. Your arms should be slightly bent and in line with your shoulder. Slowly bend your elbows, tuck your navel in and bring the upper body lower towards the floor. Stay in the lowered position till a count of three and go back to the starting position. You must never hunch your back during any part of the exercise.

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Curls For Hamstring While Lying

Strengthen your leg muscles  by performing hamstring curls. Lie flat on your back and plant your calves on the exercise ball. Inhale, engage the abdominal muscles and push your hips further away from the surface till your body forms a straight line extending from the chest to the feet. Exhale and carefully return to the initial position. Once you have mastered this exercise, add more intensity to it by doing the same workout with one leg free and the other leg on the ball.

Lunge With A Fitness Ball

Use the ball as both, a balancing and muscle strengthening aid for mainly the thigh muscles. Stand upright in front of the stability ball and place either your right or left ankle on it.

Top 8 Ball Exercises For Women

Once you have gained control over your posture, begin bending the other knee till the thigh is paralled to the floor. The other leg must be kept fully extended. Maintain the straight posture of your back throughout the exercise and do not allow the bent knee to cross over the toe level.

Fitness Ball Squeeze Between The Thighs

Lie down on the exercise mat keeping both the knees bent and feet flat on the mat. The next step involves placing a small dimension fitness ball between the knees. Give a squeeze to the ball by making the inner thigh muscles known as adductors work. Hold the squeeze for a few seconds and slowly release the ball.

Repeat two to three sets consisting of ten repetitions on a regular basis to achieve well toned thighs. You can easily perform the same while sitting in a chair. Just make sure that you sit on the edge of the chair allowing your knees to form an angle of ninety degree and accommodate the ball.