Top 8 Home Remedies For Arthritis

ArthritisYou might have heard about Arthritis. It is the inflammation of the joints which is very painful and it is most common among people who are above 40. There are various types of arthritis that affect people on a daily basis.

There could be various causes of arthritis such as old age, weak joints or a poor diet. The symptoms include swelling, pain in joints, stiffness, redness of skin around joints and limited movement. Physical activity becomes difficult when one is suffering from arthritis. If you or your family member is suffering from arthritis then we suggest you to take proper care and follow the following home remedies.

They will definitely work wonders and will help you or your family member to get relief from joint pain. Arthritis can be a very painful and causes a lot of discomfort. We understand your situation and so, we have jotted down the top 8 home remedies for arthritis. Check them out!

Effective Home Remedies For Arthritis


Turmeric is a wonderful spice which can help in curing arthritis. If your joints are hurting too much then you can turmeric to get rid of the pain. Turmeric is a very common spice which can be found in any household. Indians use it in almost every curry dish. Try and have turmeric juice on a daily basis as that will cure the joint pain.

turmeric powder

Turmeric capsules are also available in markets which are not too expensive. The best form of taking turmeric is mixing a pinch of it in warm milk and drink it once in a day. You will notice that your pain will vanish in no time. You should drink this solution every night in order to get rid of arthritis symptoms.

Fish Oil

Fish oil is an excellent home remedy for arthritis. If you are facing too much of pain due to arthritis, you should have a spoon of fish oil to cure it.

Fish oil

Fish oil is rich in Omega 3 fatty acids which helps in reducing swelling and pain. The best way to get rid of stiffness and inflammation is to have a spoon of fish oil in the morning when your stomach is empty.


Catfish is good for your joints. It is believed that cat fish can cure arthritis problems. You might be wondering why this fish is called catfish? Catfish has whiskers like a cat and so, it gets the name from there. It is easily available in fish markets.

Catfish is really popular in the United States for the endless health benefits. The best form of catfish is the one which is farm-raised and not hybrid. It has Omega-6 fatty acids which cures arthritis and symptoms related to Cancer.

Flax Seed

Flax seed is rich in Omega 3 fatty acids which cures problems like arthritis. It also helps in reducing inflammation caused by arthritis. You can have a spoonful of flax seeds once or twice in a day.


However, you can improve the taste by having flax seeds with cereal and bread. You can also mix it in a vegetable or fruit juice. You could also consume flax seed oil to get best results.

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Ginger is a popular home remedy for various ailments. It is a common spice which is found in every refrigerator. It helps in treating conditions like arthritis. Ginger reduces inflammation and reduces the pain too.

There is ginger oil too which can be applied on the affected area as it helps in reducing  inflammation, stiffness and pain. You can have ginger in raw form too in order to get rid of the pain. It also helps in improving blood circulation. Having a fresh piece of ginger in the morning can be very beneficial for your health.


Cherries are really tasty and look so tempting. Did you know that cherries can actually help in reducing inflammation caused by arthritis? Just add lots of cherries to your diet and you will see the difference yourself. Cherries are good for health and have anti-inflammatory properties.

Frozen Cherries

Cherries are easily available in markets. You can have frozen or fresh cherries as that does not make any difference. The magnesium present in cherries acts as a pain-killer and reduces the pain caused by arthritis. You can also make a cherry syrup by boiling cherries and preserving it. This syrup is very healthy. Try it!

Tuna Fish

Tuna fish is a really delicious fish. If you like fish then you should definitely have this. Tuna fish is a popular home remedy for arthritis as it contains Omega 3 fatty acids. Omega 3 fatty acids help in getting rid of the pain which is caused due to arthritis.

You can easily get it in canned form. Tuna is usually available in canned form in various shops. You can add it to your sandwich or eat it with a spoon. However you should not consume too much of tuna because it could harm your health too. Having small portions of tuna is good but having it on a daily basis will not be a great idea.


Cinnamon is known for the amazing fragrance but it is also known for the beneficial properties. If you want to get rid of arthritis pain then you should consume cinnamon. You can mix cinnamon powder and honey in water and drink it daily or else, you can apply cinnamon and honey paste on the affected area.


It will surely help in reducing pain. If you drink the cinnamon and honey solution for several days, you will see a difference in your joint pain. The paste applied on the affected area gives instant relief too!

Arthritis is one condition which nobody likes. It makes you feel tired and the pain caused by it is not at all bearable. Climbing stairs becomes a war and walking becomes a struggle. Arthritis is bad and it should be treated as soon as you feel discomfort.

You do not have to go to a doctor if you follow the above mentioned home remedies. You will be fine in no time! Try the home remedies and thank us later.