Top 8 Ways To Get Glowing Skin At Home

Top 8 Ways To Get Glowing Skin At Home

Top 8 Ways To Get Glowing Skin At Home Glowing skin is a desirable for a woman of every age, class, caste and creed. The best thing about this desire is that it is easily achievable. Girls achieve glowing skin by various ways and means. Some of us go out to expensive salons, take exotic treatments, eat foreign brought foods and use expensive cosmetics and skin care products to get the glowing skin.

On the other hand, some of us eat local produce, use homemade facial masks, make our own home made skin care concoctions and glow with beauty and joy. If you want to be in the second category, where you achieve a glowing skin without exploding your bank balance, then read on. Here, we bring you top 8 ways to get glowing skin at home.

Ways to Get Glowing Skin At Home

Honey and Lemon Juice

Off late, if your skin has developed blemishes and you are looking out for some potion which can help you get rid of blemishes and bring back the glow on your skin then honey and lemon juice mix is the right thing for you. Take two tablespoons of honey in a glass bottle and add half lemon juice to this bottle.

Shake the bottle well before using because lemon juice tends to float up and honey settles down in the bottle. Use a small quantity of this potion on your face after washing your face with plain water. Let it air dry and then rinse your face after 30 minutes. Daily application of this potion on the face will eliminate acne, scars and blemishes. This mix also whitens and brightens the face.

Raw Milk

If you have a sensitive or acne prone skin and you cannot exfoliate your skin with regular scrubs available in salons, then do not lose your heart. Daily in the morning, rub 2 tea spoons full of raw milk on your face. Milk contains lactic acid which is a gentle exfoliant. Milk also contains a lot of vitamins and minerals which nourish skin and hydrate it well.

Top 8 Ways To Get Glowing Skin At Home

You can also use raw milk as a facial cleanser. Just add a pinch of salt into raw milk and apply on your face with a cotton ball. Leave on for 10 minutes and then wash with plain water. You will see amazing results in a week’s time.


Buttermilk is an excellent cleanser, toner and astringent. Take a teaspoon full of buttermilk and apply on your face. Let it air dry and then wash off with plain water. Your skin will glow with beauty. Butter milk is especially effective during summers when it is available abundantly.


The simple and fuss free homemade curd is an excellent recipe for glowing skin. The enzymes available in curd not only fight those ugly zits on your face they also deep cleanse your facial skin. Just take a teaspoon of curd and whip it well in a small bowl with the help of a spoon.

Whipping activates the enzymes of the curd. Now massage this curd on your face and neck in circular motion. Wait for 10 minutes and then wash off with plain water. Do not use soap. Make sure that there is no cream in the curd otherwise it can lead to acne formation.

Fuller’s Earth

Fuller’s earth is best home based treatment for oily skin. If you are sick of your oily skin then start using fuller’s earth on your face. For this, take two tea spoons of fuller’s earth powder and add three tea spoons of buttermilk. Let this soak for a couple of hours.

Top 8 Ways To Get Glowing Skin At Home

Apply this paste on your face and neck and let it dry. Use a washcloth to remove this face pack. Use a light moisturizer after washing your face. You can use a water based moisturizer if oily moisturizers do not suit you.

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Mustard Oil

It may sound a wee bit crude to use mustard oil on face but the fact is that application of mustard oil in small quantities is a beauty secret mothers have been passing to their daughters since generations. If you have a dry to normal skin then this secret will suit you. Just take two drops of mustard oil on your palm, rub them and apply on your damp face.

Let it stay on your face for 20 minutes and then wash off with plain water. Keep applying the same three- four times a day or at least twice a day. The results will be astonishing. Soon you will find your face glowing with unparallel beauty.

Honey and Cucumber Toner

To get rid of excessive oil during summers, you can make a natural and hydrating toner at home. Just take a cucumber, wash and peel it and then blend it in a blender. Take out the juice from this puree and add two teaspoons of honey to this juice. Pour this concoction in a glass bottle and keep in your refrigerator. Use this homemade toner at night after cleansing your face. This will be rehydrating and will not dry your skin. Soon your face will glow like never before.

Gram Flour

Gram flour is an excellent home based item for people suffering with bad tan and acne. Take two teaspoons of gram flour and add two tea spoons of raw milk or curd into it. You can also add a pinch of turmeric. Mix these ingredients to make a smooth paste. Apply this paste on your face and neck and let it air dry. Wash off with the help of a wash cloth. This pack is an excellent remedy for oily, acne prone skin and tanned skin. It whitens the skin.

Top 8 Ways To Get Glowing Skin At Home

You can use the same paste on your entire body and can remove it by massaging in a circular motion. It will help you get rid of dead cells and bad tan. While home based packs and mixes are excellent remedies and really work fast on your skin it is important to take some precaution while using them. Do not move out of your room when you use sticky things which attract grime and dust like honey, mustard oil, etc. Also, always make sure that you are using unadulterated things at home since adulterated things can cause allergies and irritation of skin.