Top 9 Essential Makeup Brushes

Top 9 Essential Makeup Brushes

You will notice that these days a wide range of make up brushes are available in the market to compliment your make up. Choose the make up brush according to your use. For this you must know adequate use of various kinds of make up brushes. Some brushes are used to apply foundation or concealor or blush or eye shadow and many more.

These brushes are the essential tool you need while proceeding with your make up. Each brush is made according to their use and must be used accordingly. Applying make up is an art and if you want to get a perfect look you need to master in this art. For normal women a small collection of brushes are more than enough and will help you a lot to get a perfect look and blend your make up. Two types of brushes are available in the market-natural and synthetic. Synthetic brushes are man made whereas natural brushes are made of natural hair such as squirrel or goat hair and are much more expensive.

Kinds of Make Up Brushes and Their Uses

Foundation Brushes

These brushes are used to apply foundation. You can even wet them to apply your foundation smoothly. These brushes allow more precise placement and all over application of the foundation.

Top 9 Essential Makeup Brushes

These brushes are non – absorbing so that the foundation does not get collected in the brush. It will help to blend the foundation properly. It helps to apply the foundation of any kind such as liquid, solid or creamy. The bristles of the brush are stiff giving a flawless look. Foundation brushes will give you a much better finish than your fingers.

Blush Brush

Brushes with soft bristles are recommended to be used for applying blushes. It will help you from overdoing it. These brushes have rounded head giving a perfect look to your cheeks.

Concealer Brush

These brushes are used to apply concealors under your eye or to the dark spots or to the areas of discoloration. It is a soft bristled flat brush.

Top 9 Essential Makeup Brushes

Concealor brushes help you to apply the concealor only on the dark patches on your face. These brushes usually have synthetic bristles because concealors are creamy products.

Bronzer Brush

These brushes can be used to apply both face powder and bronzer. It has soft fat bristle and round in shape. The bristle has the ability to pick up adequate amount of powder and you must shake away the excess powder before applying it on your face.

Fan Powder Brushes

These brushes can be used to both apply and remove excess powder. These brushes are used to apply powder evenly and have bristles like a fan which gives a velvety effect.

Top 9 Essential Makeup Brushes

It helps to avoid excess application of powder and can even be used to remove excess powder especially eye shadows.

Eye Shadow Brushes

These brushes are used to apply eye shadows without dragging the eyelid. It gives you a smooth effect. Its bristles are short but give an excellent coverage. These brushes pick up the powder from the container and deposit it evenly and smoothly on your eyelids. It is available in variety of sizes and you can choose them according to your requirement. These brushes give you a better efficiency than the normal sponge applicators.

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Eye Liner Brushes

These brushes are designed specifically to apply liquid or gel eye liners. With the help of this brush you can achieve a perfect line in one stroke. Its bristles are like a nib perfect for eye liner application.

Top 9 Essential Makeup Brushes

These brushes have pointed bristles to apply the eye liner with precision. Its tapered bristles give a clean application look.

Spiral Eyebrow Brush

These brushes are used to comb your eyebrows in proper shape. For perfect look trim the excess brows. Use the brush upwards while shaping your brows. It also softens the hair texture.

Lip Brush

These brushes have perfect tip for controlled application. The bristles are short giving a perfect flawless look. Lip brush helps you to get a better shape and the lip color will stay for a longer period of time and gives you a professionally applied look. In the market a wide variety of brushes are available but don’t buy them all if you don’t need them. Buy them according to your need.

Top 9 Essential Makeup Brushes

Be careful while buying the brushes. Make sure that they are of good quality and last for long time. You can even purchase a whole set of make up brushes rather than buying them separately. Do remember to clean all your brushes properly after every use so that they don’t get spoiled. Brushes which are used to apply liquid make up must be cleaned immediately. An important advice is to choose the right brush to get a flawless look.