Top 9 Hair Removal Methods

Top 9 Hair Removal Methods

Top 9 Hair Removal Methods The desire to remove hair starts at a very young age for women. Young teenagers want to sport clean, dewy and hair free skin to look more appealing to the opposite sex. Hair removal is primarily done for the bikini line, arms, legs, underarms, eyebrows and lip line. Even men have become increasingly metro sexual and want to sport clean-shaven chests.

There are a plethora of options to choose from when it comes to hair removal. Most of the procedures have become technologically advanced and are virtually pain-free. In this article, we will study some of the commonly adopted hair removal methods.

Effective Hair Removal Methods


Bleaching does not exactly come under the category of hair removal. Bleaching is normally done on the thin and superficial facial hair to make them look practically invisible. Bleaching is done by applying a pigment on the superficial hair. The pigment lightens the colour of the hair and makes the hair less noticeable. Bleaching also leads to visibly fairer skin.


For women wanting a fuss free hair removal method without any extra cost, shaving is the oft chosen method. Shaving does not remove the hair from the root unlike other hair removal methods. However, it temporarily cuts the hair from just above the root. The skin looks smooth and silky but only for a few days. The hair comes out faster with this method. Most women prefer this method as it is more cost effective in the long run.

The hair looks coarser and darker because it has a blunt tip unlike conventional hair removal methods, which pull out the hair from the root. Hair pulled out from the root has fine tips and hence give the appearance of being scantier. Shaving is done by using special razors with blades that are specifically meant for body hair. The woman just has to apply a shaving gel or cream and glide the razor smoothly on her skin to get rid of superficial body hair.

Physical Hair Removal

In this, the hair is manually pulled out or plucked out from its root. It is a fairly common and inexpensive method. These methods do not change the density or colour of the hair. Here are some of the common physical hair removal methods.


Plucking is a common but outdated method of hair removal. It is largely used to pluck and tweeze out eyebrow hair. This is a very time consuming method, as each hair has to be plucked out from its root.

Top 9 Hair Removal Methods

The length of the hair also has to be sufficient to be grasped effectively by the tweezer.


Waxing is one of the most commonly employed methods of hair removal. It is ideally used to remove large amounts of hair at one go. It is generally used to remove hair from the arms, legs, back and the bikini area. In this, the wax is tempered and warmed before applying on the skin. This allows the wax to glide smoothly on the skin without sticking.

A spatula is used to apply the wax. Care must be taken to ensure that the wax is not too hot otherwise, it will scald the skin. The wax is normally applied in the direction of the growth of the hair. Once the wax is applied, the hair is deeply embedded into the wax. The parlour assistant then uses special waxing strips and presses them down on the applied wax. The strip is then pulled off in the opposite direction of hair growth. The hair is pulled out from it follicles. The benefit of this method is that hair growth becomes sparse and the wax helps to get rid of the tan.

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Hair Removal Creams

Hair removal creams are a painless method of hair removal and women can opt to use this method within the comfort of their own houses. These creams contain chemicals, which literally melt the hair away. A common side effect of these creams is that they cause mild skin irritation.

The cream is applied on the skin and left on for 3-13 minutes after which the cream dissolves the hair. The cream is then wiped or washed as given in the instruction pamphlets. It is important for women to follow the instructions as given in the user manual. Care must be taken to test the cream on the elbow area to see whether your skin develops a reaction to the cream. Apply an astringent or any soothing lotion on the area afterward to reduce chances of irritation.

Electrolysis Hair Removal

Electrolysis is a procedure in which a fine needle is inserted into the hair follicle. The hair and the follicle is burnt, thus reducing the chances of further growth. The hair is burnt using mild to strong electric current. It is a permanent hair removal method. Each hair follicle is treated individually and this procedure can be very time consuming.

Top 9 Hair Removal Methods

There are several drawbacks with this procedure. In most cases, it is not possible to find a licensed technician to do the procedure. Secondly, the efficacy of the procedure has not been well researched. Side effects include rash, irritation and infection if the procedure is not performed under sterilized conditions.

Laser Hair Removal

This procedure uses lasers of various wavelengths. In this, the laser targets the melanin or the skin pigment, which then aids hair removal. In this procedure hair that are in the anagen phase are more easily removed as compared to hair in the telogen phase.

The laser hair removal technique works best for fair-skinned people. These treatments are very costly and have to be repeated over 4-6 sittings to see good results. Only people wanting to go in for permanent hair removal methods should use laser hair removal.

Depilatory Machines

Depilatory machines are small electrical machines that are run on the surface of the skin and these then remove the hair right from the root. They are of course painful and are convenient for women who do not want to go in for messy waxing jobs. The electrical units too are quite costly and need to be regularly serviced.