Top Diet for Healthy Hair

Healthy hair enhances the personality of a person. Unfortunately, not many are blessed with beautiful healthy hair but you do not need to worry much about it.

Here are some excellent diet tips for healthy hair which if followed, would fetch strong and long hair.

You may be suffering from dandruff, split ends, dry and brittle hair, hair fall or anything, there is a diet for everything.

If you have lanky and greasy hair, then probably your body lacks vitamin B. To overcome vitamin B deficiency, one requires including as much vitamin B as possible in his diet. So add beans, milk, green vegetables, sunflower seeds, peas and nuts in your daily diet. Your problem would be solved eventually.

In case of graying of hair, there is no as such diet. However amino acid tyrosine can be used as a precursor to the pigments that produce pigments in hair. If hair loss is your problem then your body definitely lacks iron.

Thinning or hair loss is because of this deficiency only and this can be treated by including all the red color food in your diet. This includes red fruits like pomegranate, cherry, etc and also red meat, eggs, wholegrain cereals, green veggies, etc.

Dry and brittle hair is the problem faced by many and it has a very simple solution. The lack of essential fatty acid is what the cause if and for that, consume them. It would bring back the shine of hair and its natural luster. You can try taking tuna, salmon or nuts and olives for that. Some basic things like drinking enough water and having a balanced diet is essential for healthy hair.

Hair is mostly proteins so one must not lack proteins in the diet. All the types of proteins are necessary and so you must include them in your diet.

Sources of various proteins are green vegetables, milk, legumes, grains, limes, citrus fruits, sun flower seeds, natural oils, sunlight, etc. so in short, by have a right and balanced diet, and you would eventually have healthy hair. So try to eat much healthy food as possible and enjoy having shiny and smooth hair.