Top Fertility Treatments For Women

fertility treatmentsFertility plays a crucial role for women trying to conceive. Fertility means the ability to produce eggs and conceive a child. As a woman gets older, her problems of conceiving naturally go down. Fertility treatments are meant for those who face problems in conceiving due to ovulation and other reasons.

There are various kinds of fertility treatments like medication, surgeries and assisted reproductive technology found for different kinds of fertility problems. Each one of these caters to a specific type of fertility problems in women. So we thought of providing you information on the top 4 fertility treatments for women.

Fertility Treatments For Women

Oral Medications

Medications are given to treat fertility for women who find it difficult to conceive due to ovulation. Medications are given to actually stimulate the ovulation in a woman and hence treat fertility.


Oral pills are given to increase hormones that very much help the body in maturing the eggs in the ovaries. Again there are oral medications prescribed to control the abnormally high levels of hormone in a female that may also result in preventing ovulation in a woman.

Injected Hormones Medicines

This is another kind of treatment for fertility in women. There are certain hormones that are injected into a woman’s body to stimulate and increase the egg growth. This stimulated egg growth in turn leads to ovulation. Doctors resort to this treatment when the woman, in case, does not respond to the oral pills prescribed to aid maturing of eggs.


These hormones are generally injected on either 2nd or 3rd day of the menstrual cycle. It goes on till the 7th or 12th day of the menstrual cycle. It is also been proved that when a woman is injected and treated for her fertility, chances of multiple births become much higher. Most women give birth to twins through this method of treatment.

Surgical Treatments

If the reason behind a woman’s infertility is found to be related to the fallopian tubes, a surgery is carried out to repair the damage or clear the blockage of the tubes or any other fallopian-tubes related problem for that matter. The success rates of these surgeries are very low as compared to other treatments for fertility.

surgical treatments

But they sure do help a lot in certain cases. Surgeries may also be the option for removing uterine fibroids and scarring which mostly affect a woman’s fertility. With the advanced technology available now, people resort to it for bettering their chances of conceiving.

Assisted Reproductive Technology

This treatment is opted when a woman doesn’t get pregnant even after all medications and surgeries. This is done through placing the sperm of a man into the woman’s uterus with the help of a long narrow tube. It is also called insemination.

The success rate of this treatment depends on a number of reasons like age of the couple and the woman, the medications taken before and host of other factors that could affect the cycle of the woman. This treatment is often combined with medicines that are primarily used for stimulating ovulation in a female. As a combination, this treatment betters the chances of pregnancy very much.

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