Top Five Accessories For Summer 2012

accessories for summer

accessories for summerAccessories have always played a significant role where fashion is concerned. One thing that is worth noting down here is that not only can accessories be categorized according to the latest trends but also according to the change in seasons.

This can be said since fashion is one thing that is never stagnant and keeps on changing from time to time. Each year there are some trends that are “in” and some that are “out” of fashion.

For all the fashion addicts it is imperative to follow the changing styles whether its clothes or bags, shoes or accessories. For the latest in accessories this summer 2012 here is the best guide that will help you all throughout to be in the limelight without any hassles.

Top Five Accessories For Summer 2012

To look cooler this scorching summer here are the top five accessories that are a “must have” for any woman-


This is one accessory that not only solves the fashion aspect of a woman but is also a basic requirement when you are out in the sun. Though you must be having quite a couple of sunglasses in your wardrobe, a pair of high-end branded sunglasses is definitely a style statement.


Take out all the classy stuff that you were holding back in your collection for that ultimate retro look! For those who do not mind spending some extra, get a pair of extravagant sunglasses to make heads turn! From diamond shaped to cat eyed you can choose any style you want. All you have to make sure is that it makes you stand out of the crowd.


Bags are the next range of accessories that will help you enhance your look this summer! Don’t be surprised if a bag does wonders for your look this season! Bizarre and intricate are two words that define the bags for summer 2012.
For clubbing make sure you opt for tiny bags that can hold only the essentials for you. Knitted and printed looks are also in vogue. Go for bright and bold colors that will stand out.


If you are someone who loves experimenting with the look, hats are the ultimate accessory this summer 2012. Not only will it safeguard you from the harmful UV rays of the sun but also give you an interesting “X” factor every time you step out of the house!


There are innumerable styles and colors in the market where hats are concerned. For a feminine look choose from a range of cotton sunhats to cowboy caps and see what difference it brings in your style statement!


Another accessory that plays a major role in completing the chic look for all the women are shoes. The top designer houses believe that shiny and transparent shoes and metallic shades will dominate the fashion world this summer!

High heels are something that will never go out of fashion. So make sure you update your wardrobe with some of the latest collection in shoes this season. Keep a range of colored flip-flops and beach sandals in your collection that are not only comfortable but also the perfect wear for casual outings.


Go for simple and elegant pieces of jewelry that might range from diamonds to gemstones and pearl to gold. They will not only complete your look but also add a hint of glamour.