Top Five Eye Makeup Ideas

Eye makeup tips

Eye makeup tipsA girl can look beautiful simply by applying the right kind of makeup in the right way on the eyes. Many professional women and college going girls avoid using lip makeup for the thinking that it represents your personality as an erotic image.

In that condition, one can happily go on trying up eye makeup ideas that can offer you an attractive look.

Tips For Eye Makeup

Simple Eye Makeup For College

Regular college going teenagers will love this eye makeup idea as one can be ready to go out with this style within two minutes. All That you should do is apply a little talcum powder around your eyes and blend it properly on the skin.

Then, take a pointed eye liner and start creating a line just above your eye lashes and lead it towards the outer side without breaking it anywhere in the middle. At the outer corner of your eyes, stretch the line a little outward to provide a stylish curved shape to your eyes and you are ready to leave for the college. Don’t apply the liner on lower eye lashes for a regular make up. Always try to use water proof eye makeup, especially if you are going out for the whole day.

Eye Make Up For Office

Professional women avoid wearing fancy and vibrant makeup in office. You should not go crazy to use dark colors, glitters and shimmer eye makeup for the office use. Instead of these makeup items, the eye makeup idea for office suggests wearing the cosmetics with matt finish.

Eye makeup

You should utilize a dark brown, navy blue or black eye liner according to your choice and make a neat, natural line over your upper eye lashes carefully. Although, you can draw a proper shape of the eye at the outer end of your eyes; still an outward stretched line is sufficient if you have no time for makeup. Eye shades are optional for you to use.

Smoky Eyes For The Night Party

Here is the point when you should open the box of shimmer eye shades and glittering mascara. After puffing translucent powder around your eyes and blending them in the skin properly, you should start with the application of eye shades on your eye lid at the upper side. Try using the base color like peach and light brown and spread it uniformly all over the surface on the upper eyelid up to the lower boundary of your eye brows.

Then select two vibrant colors to make up your eyes according to your dress and also keep the pattern of contrast colors in your mind while selecting the eye shades duo. For instance, you should prefer wearing blue and red, yellow and purple, golden and pink and silver, orange color eye shades together. These shades are the perfect contrast match to groom your personality.

The eye makeup idea lies upon the blending point of both the contrast colors of eye shades. You should apply the darker shade at the lower part over your eye lid first and blend it slowly towards the eye brows, then apply a little amount of second shade of the pair above the previous shade and blend it with the previous shade by stroking the brush slowly at the lower side of the eye lid.

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Blend both the colors well at their meeting points and bound both the colors to be stick with each other without showing a smudge appearance. Then line your eyes with the awesome eye liner in the latest color such as indigo, purple and earthy colors. While applying an eye liner, don’t forget to make as thick lines as you can until they look amazing on your face.

Spring Eye Makeup

The spring season brings a new energy inside you to express the inner beauty in a joyous way. Well, you can prefer grooming your eyes well to look fantastic in this spring. This awesome eye makeup idea prefers the use of tri color eye shades with the inspiration of peacock feathers. You should choose orange, indigo and green water proof eye shades.

Eye makeup tips

While wearing eye makeup, apply green color first, just above the eye lash line, then apply orange over the middle surface of eye lids and at last apply indigo color at the upper part involving the lines of eye brows. Blend the eye shades at their meeting point thoroughly until they look uniform. At last line the eye lashes with the glittering mascara after lining the boundaries of eye lashes with navy blue eye brow pencil.