Top Five Fashion Trends This Fall

fashion trends

It’s time to pack away your flip-flops, floral blouses and shorts. With the fall around the corner, it’s time to pull out your leg warmers and mittens. One of the best aspects of this season is that you can hide all that extra weight under layers of woolens and look like a complete rockstar.

And the other is that there are no fixed colors for the fall. You can wear the brightest pink and the darkest green, and still manage to make heads turn. So follow these fashion trends this fall and be the fashion diva that you know you are.

Top Five Fashion Trends This Fall


A pair of skinny jeans is a must have for the fall season. Those who are a bit heavy on the butt can opt for straight jeans and create the illusion of the perfect derriere. If you are the daring kinds, then go for a pair of brightly coloured pants instead.

fashion trends

It could be siren red or even powder blue, but make sure it is bright. Team it up with a black or grey coloured buttoned up blouse or dressy top and some sexy pumps.

Cosy Sweater

These are basically your comfy pullover sweaters. These pullover sweaters for women are the ones which are neither body hugging, nor do they look like they belong to your big brother or dad. When purchasing a pullover sweater, make sure it is just a size bigger than you.

fashion trends this fall

This will make you look casual, at the same time give a sneak peek into those curves. If you don’t wish to go for a pullover, you can always choose a cardigan instead. The pullover sweaters look best when paired with a pair of skinny jeans or straight jeans and the cardigans look awesome with woolen leggings.

Mittens and Scarves

So you can choose between mittens and scarves as accessories for the fall season, or wear both of them and bring out your bohemian side.

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The color coding remains the same – they should be the brightest of the lot. Go for quirky colour combinations like yellow plus pink plus blue for the scarf and team it up with a neutral coloured jeans and top.

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Boots are an essential for the fall season to keep your pretty feet warm and to add on to the fashion quotient.

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So it can be the leopard printed boots or the plain black boots. They can be heeled or flat. Just make sure you have a pair to team it up with that sexy short number at a party. Or just wear them with your regular jeans.

Polka Dots

These can be on anything you please. Your sweater or even your boots if you’d want, but they are a must have for the holiday season. They show both your feminine and your quirky side.

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If you can’t carry off the polka dot design on your clothes, then give yourself a subtle look by including it in your accessories instead. Follow these simple and affordable fashion trends this fall, and raise your style quotient a couple of notches higher.