Top Five Guidelines For Horror Make-Up

horror makeup

horror makeupBe it Halloween, or school fancy dress, or a well-thought out plan to scare some friends – horror make-up tips and tricks are sure to come in handy at some time of your life or the other. With the most minimal equipment and just this very basic knowledge – you can make yourself look like the scariest vampire/witch/ghost possible in the most professional manner. Here are a few quick guidelines to help you achieve this perfect “horror” look : 

Five Guidelines For Horror Make-Up

Guidelines For Eye Make-Up

They say eyes are the most reflective of the kind of person that you are. Or, in this case, how frightening a ghost you are! This is one area that needs care and creativity to intensify your look. The trick is to apply dark eye shadow – gray, black, blue and charcoal are the options – on your upper eye lid and below the eyes.

It should be toned and spread throughout the skin so that it doesn’t stand out in rigid spots. You could also wear vague-coloured lenses to add to the ghostly look.

Guidelines For Cheek Make-Up

Suck your breath in and identify the hollow portions of your cheeks. This is the region where you must apply contour make-up. Use uncommon coloured foundations and blushed – pale grey, bluish-grey, and so on – all over your face to give it an unearthly look.

cheek makeup

If you are going for a subtle, “realistic” look, this would suffice. However, if you want it to be jazzy and resplendent – using face paint to draw scary patterns could also be a good idea.

Guidelines For Lips

Lips are certainly an area you cannot afford to neglect, when completing your “ghost” look. If you are going for a vampire look, apply scarlet lipstick and gloss to make them look blood-smeared. If you wish to simulate other types of ghosts, you could go for dark lipstick shades like black, burgundy, brown, dark blue, and so on.

Other General Guidelines

Complete your look with other items that can add the ghostly panache to your face and body. You could consider wearing artificial, fang-like teeth if you’re donning the role of a vampire. You could smear your mascara down your face, or your lipstick across your mouth, to create a really ghastly countenance.

vampire makeup

If you’re doing it for professional reasons, like maybe a theatre performance, you could get your hair cut untidily and make it look frizzy and unkempt to complete the look.

Add Your Own Unique Elements To The Look

Putting the basic make-up apart, you could use your creativity to further accentuate your horror look. This can be done by thinking up of more unique elements to add. For instance, wound signs and scars on either of your cheeks, a particular symbol representative of the character you are playing, extended earlobes to make the ears look longer and peaked, styling your sideburns, and so on and so forth.

In other words, just let your creative juices flow and adhere to any idea that you think would enhance the “horror” appeal of your basic make-up. Do not be hesitant to experiment and explore, after all, so far as a horror look is concerned, the whackier, the better!