Top Four Retro Sunglasses

Top Four Retro Sunglasses

Top Four Retro SunglassesRetro means something old or done years back. Similarly retro sunglasses are those sunglasses which were worn by peoples years or decades back. Retro sunglasses usually give a vintage look. Earlier retro sunglasses used to be worn with a retro dress or a retro look, but these days they are worn very commonly and are very much in fashion.

Types Of Retro Sunglasses

Oversized Retro Sunglasses

These are the most commonly worn retro glasses and the most popular ones too. These sunglasses have a rounded frame and these completely cover the eyes of the wearer. A part of the wearer’s face is also surrounded by these glasses. Oversized glasses became extremely common during the 1960s and are now very much back in fashion. These oversized retro can have trendy colored frames like a white colored frame is very common.

Aviator Sunglasses

These are one of the most commonly worn sunglasses by people today. These are the sunglasses which have a wire rimmed frame and the lenses were made of mirrored reflective material. These were commonly worn in the 1940s by the pilots to reflect the rays of the sun during flight.

Four Retro Sunglasses

These are back in fashion and are very commonly worn these days. When these are worn by the person cannot see the wearer’s eyes as they are not visible due to the mirror used. The wearer can also just see a reflection of himself while the aviator sunglasses are worn.


These are another set of retro looking sunglasses. The wayfarer glasses are mainly made of plastic. The sunglasses have frames made of plastic instead of metal. Hence, they are much lighter in comparison to the other glasses.

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The shape of the frame of these sunglasses is similar to that of a trapezoid and come to a point on the upper outside of each lens. The wayfarer was originally designed and introduced by the Ray Ban Company in the year 1952. These have again made a comeback and are much in fashion sunglasses.


These are sunglasses which have darkened lenses on the side of the face along with the front of the sunglasses. These sunglasses are made from molded plastic. They are designed in such a manner as to protect the wearer’s eyes from the harsh rays of the sun. These glasses are mainly worn by people who are out in the sun rays for most of the day. Persons who are engaged in playing sports, doing work on the field or yard should wear these glasses.

Types Of Retro Sunglasses

People should just not buy a retro looking sun glass for the purpose of fashion. A person should also see which sun glass suits her face the best and also keep in mind the use of the glasses. Sunglasses are worn for the protection of eyes and to provide a clearer vision. Hence one should be at ease in any of the sunglasses she wears. Sunglasses have various uses like in the field of sports or for people travelling to the space. Sunglasses should be chosen keeping all the things in mind.