4 Vitamins Needed For Skin Care

4 Vitamins Needed For Skin Care

A lot of things are interrelated. Same is the case of our skin. Our skin is highly dependent on the nutrition it gets. One such nutrition, that is, vitamin is very important for our skin. If you read the ingredients of any skin care product you will definitely notice the mention of vitamin in it. Just the inclusion of vitamins in the beauty products is not enough.

You also need to consume vitamins. So, you shall always make sure that the food you eat has enough amounts of vitamins in it. Vitamin is one of the important factors for a great skin. There are a few different kinds of vitamins that you shall consume for a good skin.

Vitamins Needed For Skin Care

Vitamin A

Vitamin A helps in rebuilding skin tissues. It is one of the most important vitamins required by your skin when it is healing, that is, when you have hurt yourself and you want your skin tissues to grow back. Vitamin A is also useful for anti- aging. It is often used as an anti- aging nutrient.

vitamin a

When you are using a lot of vitamin A remember that you skin is becoming sensitive, so apply plenty of sunscreen. Always use vitamin A as prescribed by your dermatologist. Leafy green vegetables, milk, carrots, pumpkin etc. are a good source of fruits and vegetables which contain vitamin A.

Vitamin B

There are different kinds of vitamin B which help our skin in different ways. They help our skin in different ways like, tone our skin, add glow to the skin, if your skin is dry then reduce the dryness etc. so,vitamin B is a must for our skin. Tomato, carrots, broccoli are food products which contain vitamin B.

vitamin b

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Vitamin C

Vitamin C is found in a lot of cosmetic and other products which are used for anti aging.Vitamin C helps in reduction in skin care lines, reverse signs of aging etc. therefore if you want a young looking and smooth skin, vitamin C is the best. There are a lot of fruits which contain vitamin C. Broccoli, cauliflower; tomato, cucumber etc. are vegetables which contain a good amount of vitamin C in them.

vitamin c

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is by far the most important vitamin required by a person’s body.Vitamin E is an effective antioxidant which helps in fighting radicals in our body. If you have the presence of age spots,wrinkles,stretch marks and lines on your skin, the application and consumption of vitamin E will definitely reduce them. Olives, peanuts, almonds etc. contain vitamin E, so consume them for a good skin.

vitamin Eq

As mentioned above vitamins are very important for our skin. Every vitamin has its own importance. Vitamins shall not only be applied via beauty products but also by consumed by human being. A number of fruits and vegetables contain vitamins and the same shall be consumed by us. So, to get a good skin make sure that you are in taking a good amount of vitamins. Lack of vitamins can be harmful for your skin. Hence, take care of our skin.