5 Healthy Foods That Control Cholesterol

5 Healthy Foods That Control Cholesterol

Do you have high cholesterol? There could be several reasons for having high cholesterol. The most common reason for having high cholesterol is a bad diet.If you want to lower or control your cholesterol levels, then you need to carefully examine your daily diet. Are you eating the right kinds of food?Are you eating foods which are increasing the cholesterol level?

High cholesterol is bad and there are a lot of bad effects that come along with it. How about eating some healthy foods that help in controlling cholesterol? We have jotted down the top healthy foods that control cholesterol and help in leading a healthy lifestyle.

List Of Top Healthy Foods That Control Cholesterol

Almonds Lowers Cholesterol

Almonds are great in lowering cholesterol levels. They have unsaturated fats which do not harm you in any way. However you should not eat too many almonds in a day because they have a lot of fat.


You can soak almonds in water and have four or five pieces of them in a day.They help in reducing the unhealthy LDL levels and increases HDL cholesterol levels.Do not have them in any other form such as fried or coated because that is very fattening.

Oats For Eliminating Bad Cholesterol

You should eat oats everyday because they are very good for health. Oatmeal has fiber which is soluble and it clears out the bad cholesterol in your body.

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It is a fact that if you take about 5 gram of fiber in your daily diet, it will reduce your high cholesterol.You can have it with milk or any way you like.

Go Veg!

Nobody is asking you to leave fish chicken but you need to eat lots of veggies to  lower your cholesterol levels. You should eat okra, eggplant,strawberries and all green veggies to lead a healthy lifestyle.Okra and eggplant do not have much calories and are full of fiber. Fiber is good for high cholesterol patients.

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Fish Controls High Cholesterol

It is good to eat a lot of vegetables but fish is great too. Fish has healthy fatty acids such as Omega 3 which has innumerable health benefits.Fishes like salmon helps in controlling cholesterol.

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You can also eat tuna fish which is very tasty and healthy.Sardines and trout are also good and they keep your heart healthy. If you eat fish regularly, you will never have high blood pressure or deadly heart diseases. So, eat lots of fish and stay healthy.

Healthy Legumes

Legumes are healthy and help in lowering and controlling cholesterol. You can have soy products such as soya cubes, mince, tofu, milk, lentils and beans to have a healthy heart and control cholesterol.They are very low in fat and do not have cholesterol at all.


So, eat the top healthy food to control cholesterol and stay healthy and happy forever. A healthy body and heart is like a temple and so, you should take care of what you eat. Eating the foods mentioned above will not just control your cholesterol but also help you in living a long life. Eat healthy foods and take care!