10 Home Remedies For Throat Pain

10 Home Remedies For Throat Pain

Throat pain is irritating as well as painful. If you are having throat pain then you must be facing difficulty to swallow food. You might be having sleepless nights because of the pain! You are not the only who faces this because there are millions of people who undergo it.

Throat pain is unpleasant but everyone gets it. The reason could be anything! It could be a viral infection or a bacterial infection.Probably you screamed at someone or smoked too many cigarettes.It could be an allergy or just dry air!There are innumerable reasons for having throat pain.At times people wake up in the morning and find that their throat is hurting.

Doctors get such cases on a daily basis. The question is – Do you really need a doctor? Why do we have to run to the doctor for small little things? Can’t we find a cure at home?Of course, we can! There are many home remedies for throat pain which can help you get rid of the excruciating pain effectively.You would need to read the entire article to find the best cure. Take a look as it might just help you! These home remedies are effective and are available in your kitchen.

List of Top Home Remedies For Throat Pain

Ginger And Honey

This combination has been used as a popular home remedy for ages. If your throat is hurting way too much then you need to extract ginger juice and mix a little honey in it.

honey & ginger

Have at least two to three spoons in a day and your throat will start feeling better instantly.It cures throat pain easily and effectively. So, give it a try!

Salt Water Gargle

Gargling with salt water will help in giving relief. If your throat is paining way too much then you should put some salt in warm water and gargle with it. The taste is bad but you do not have to drink it.

garling process

This remedy is very popular and has been used by many people for many generations.This will cure throat pain in no time. You should gargle with salt water twice or thrice in a day to get relief.


If the condition of your throat is really bad then slice a piece of ginger.Make sure that you remove the skin. Sprinkle some salt on the sliced pieces of ginger and chew it.

ginger 3

The taste is very strong and it may irritate you a little but this remedy will surely give you relief from throat pain.Ginger has anti-inflammatory properties which reduces the pain as well as swelling in the throat.

Take Rest

Taking rest is the best home remedy for treating throat pain.If you are continuing with daily works when you have throat pain then you are never going to be fine. If you are unwell, it is best to take rest so  that the body fights the infection itself. Just put lots of pillows around you and hide under the blanket. Rest lots!

relax 1

Warm Cup of Tea

A warm cup of tea will give relief to your throat pain.If your throat pain is troubling you then you should make a cup of tea and drink it. When the hot tea will go inside, it will have a soothing effect on your throat.


This remedy has worked for a lot of people and you should try it as well. You can have green tea or black tea too. Add a little black pepper to your tea for better results.

Chicken Soup

Chicken soup is yummy and it helps in curing throat pain as well. You can prepare chicken soup at home. The recipe is available everywhere! Chicken soup is easy to make and it treats throat pain effectively.

chiken soup

Your throat will feel much better if you intake 2-3 bowls of chicken soup in a day. It will surely make you feel good. Make sure that you have clear chicken soup rather than the one with noodles.

Lemon And Honey

Citrus fruits can actually help you treat throat pain.If you want to get rid of the throat pain then mix lemon juice and honey in a glass of water. The water should be warm and not too hot.


Have this solution twice or thrice in a day to treat throat pain.It works wonders! You can also drink lime juice to cure throat pain.

Sweet Candies

This is not a joke! You can actually suck on some sweet candies to reduce throat pain.The sweetness of the candies will coat your throat and you will get relief from the pain.


It will keep your mouth moist which helps in reducing the excruciating pain.This remedy has always worked for people! If you do not believe then might just give it a try. You will be pleasantly surprised!

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Take a steam bath or the steam treatment at home.It can be easily done! All you need to do is take a container and put hot water in it. Place your head above the container and cover your head so that you can inhale the steam.


This remedy works wonders and has helped a lot of people. You can also add oils such as eucalyptus in order to make it even better. This remedy will help you to get rid of the throat pain in a day.

Stay Hydrated

It is important for you to stay hydrated when you are having throat pain or any ailment.You should drink about 8-10 glasses of water in a day to stay away from irritants and bacteria. If you drink lots of water, your body will get rid of the toxins and your throat pain will go away on its own. This remedy actually works and you will not have to spend any money as well.


All these home remedies are effective as well as easy. You do not have to go and trouble a doctor for this. If your throat pain is really stubborn then try these home remedies because they are very useful and effective. They will cost you much and you will be smiling in no time. Take care!