4 Top Methods For Natural Hair Removal

Natural Hair Removal

Unwanted Hair on your body makes you feel uncomfortable and embarrassed about your appearance. Hypertrichoses is a term that is used for excessive hair growth in both men and women. Though this is a common problem but women are mostly disappointed with these hair as it hides their natural beauty and make their personality look bad.

The most common areas where these extra hair are present are hair on your face that includes eyebrows, chin, upper lip and side burns, chest hair, ear hair, under arm hair, back hair and pubic hair

There are many artificial methods available for removing these hairs like hair removal creams, facial, bleach etc. But excessive use of these artificial products may lead to a serious condition known as Hirsutism which is caused by hormonal imbalance. Using natural methods to remove your hair permanently is the best way. Here are some ways that will help you out.

Several Natural Ways to Remove Hair

Sugar is the Elementary Method

A method for removing unwanted hair from your body is body sugaring that is homemade and also cheap. It is just similar to waxing. This will help you to remove your body hair from the roots. A paste of sugar, lemon juice and water is prepared and then it is heated to a candy stage. After using this, there will be no more growth of these hairs and if there is, then it will be comparatively very less.

Sugar is the Elementary Method

Balance your Hormones

To balance the hormones of your body, use herbs. Take 165mg of saw palmetto two times a day. You can also have 20mg-40mg of black cohosh, two times in a day. This will reduce the extra hair present on your body as it works against the hormone called androgen which is responsible for the excess hair growth.

Saw Palmetto

Use Ayurvedic Bleach

Use Thanaka, a yellowish- white color paste which is made from ground bark. It is easily available in all the ayurvedic stores. Along with this use kusuma oil, also called as safflower oil.

Firstly, remove all your unwanted hair using a good hair removal cream. Prepare a paste of thanaka and kusuma oil and apply it to the hair removed region. Massage at that area until the skin absorbs that paste. Leave it as it is for at least 3 to 4 hours. Continue to do this for at least 100 days. Your hair will never grow in that area again and you will be permanently free from these unwanted hairs.

ground bark

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Prepare Home Bleach

Instead of using manufactured bleach, prepare your own bleach at home. This is so simple to make. Just make a paste of chamomile tea and lemon juice. Apply it on your face and keep it for about 20 minutes. Then wash your face gently with cold water. You will see the effect.

An easy way to remove unwanted hair naturally at home is to use a rough stone like a pumice stone which will remove hair from your skin when we rub that particular part with this stone by causing friction. You can also purchase some hair removal products from the market which uses only natural ingredients.

All these methods, mentioned here will surely help you to remove your excessive hair and will give you soft, smooth and beautiful skin.

Chamomile Tea and Lemon Juice