Top Natural Cures For Colic

colicColic is a very common problem in new born babies. Most infants suffer from colic in the first three months of their life. Blame it on their immature digestive systems. Gas pockets are formed in the stomach of the baby which invariably leads to pain and discomfort.

This can cause the baby to scream and squall in agony leaving most parents agitated and helpless. While colic dissipates on its own after the first three month, the initial period can be taxing for newbie parents.

Nobody exactly knows what causes colic, but it can leave parents frustrated and anxious and doubt their inherent ability to parent. Not all hope is lost as there are some simple remedies and solutions to cope effectively with colic.

Effective Natural Cures For Colic

Hot Oil Massage

A massage is essential for all new born infants. Massage not only keeps the skin healthy and supple but also boosts blood circulation, strengthens the joins and relieves many a baby from colic.

baby hot oil massage

Gentle massage done on the baby’s tummy releases air pockets from the stomach, thus reducing frequent episodes of colic. Use warm oil like olive oil or coconut oil to massage the baby’s tummy. Small, circular and gentle motions should be practiced. Avoid doing this immediately after a feed.


Burping the baby after every feed is critical for preventing acute colic. Since air pockets are invariable formed in the stomach after consuming milk, it is essential to release the gas as babies cannot burp on their own.


After the child has had his/her feed, take the baby on your shoulders and gently rub or pat his/her back till you hear the familiar sound of a burp. You can also place the baby on your lap upside down and rub his/her back. Frequent burping can go a long way in easing colic.

Rocking The Baby

Some colicky babies are intensely receptive to motion. They may become quiet or feel soothed with gentle rocking. You can also play some soft and soothing music in the background which might distract the baby and lessen his/her crying. A change of hands may also help. Some babies are soothed with a different set of arms.


Swaddling the baby well in a baby blanket may help to ease the symptoms of colic. Some babies are comforted with warmth and coziness and this helps them to sleep better.


You could also try some skin to skin contact and hold the baby close to your body. This will help the baby to relax and sleep peacefully at night.

Diet Of The Baby

Try to check and see what you are feeding the baby. Giving the baby cow’s milk early on may contribute to the development of colic. Try changing his/her formula. Mothers too need to check their diets and see what they are consuming.

Certain foods in breastfeeding mothers may contribute towards colic. These include cabbage, cauliflower, onions, peppers, tomatoes, beans and peanuts.

If the colic persists, make sure you check with your pediatrician to know what is wrong.  He/she may give sound advice.