Top Reasons To Stay Single

reasons to stay single

reasons to stay singleLooking jealously at all married or committed colleagues and sighing to yourself? Well, incidentally you may be better off than them. You may be missing the big picture and overlooking the list of things that they are bereft of in their lives.

Yes, singledom has its perks and given below are a list of the reasons why staying single makes so much sense. Relationships are nothing to rush into!

Here Are the Top Reasons Why You Should Be Content Being Single

You don’t need to share things. So whether it’s your expensive gadgets that you don’t want your girlfriend to lay her hands on, or whether it’s your body lotion that he accidentally uses as shampoo, you are better off being single.

You have the freedom to plan your days (and nights!). So guys can go for guys nights out without taking permission and single girls can hang around with friends doing shopping and gossiping without asking their boyfriends.

You don’t have to sit through chick flicks with your girlfriend or watch endless hours of gore and mindless toilet humour with your male counterpart.

You can check out dishy babes and hot guys without getting bashed up when you are single. You don’t have to be prim and proper all the time. For guys this means that you can get back to your days of absolute lack of hygiene. For girls this means that you can afford to be lazy with waxing and threading.

Guys can freely use their swear words without constantly having to apologise. Single girls can keep all their floral, pink in short girly stuff strewn all around and not get rebuked about it.

You don’t have to cook for two or can even ditch the cooking part if not feeling up to it when you are single. You don’t have to be constantly scrutinized by your partner’s parents. You don’t have to like your partner’s friends. You can be happy with your own.

You don’t have to put up with smelly laundry and foul smelling socks. You don’t have to explain why you need 30 pairs of shoes and 40 bags (girls will nod in agreement) whereas single guys won’t have to come home and find their precious rock and roll and playboy magazine collection all sold off.

The spending and hoarding of money arguments are non-existent. You have the luxury to stay back at work and earn brownie points with your boss without feeling guilt.

You can choose to have parties everyday with blaring music and free flowing booze. On the other hand you can have absolute peace and curl up with a cup of steaming hot coffee depending on your mood.

There is no shortage of space for keeping your stuff and you can arrange the house the way you want to. There will be no quarrels over the print of the drapes or furniture design.

Fighting over the TV remote will be a thing of the past. You can now watch your favorite shows or movies. The best part is you can still hope to find Mr. or Ms. Right and for a never ending lovely relationship to follow!