4 Signs That He Wants To Marry You

Wants To Marry You

Like women, men too show some vital signs that they are willing to settle down with the women they love. Let us cut to the chase and to know if the man you are dating is making up his mind to propose to you.


He would start taking extra care of you and make you feel special out of the blue. You may start wondering what is on his mind. Those promises of candle light dinner, a trip in the mountain or the jeans you had asked him to get rid of; he will try to complete all the pending tasks just to please you.


Occupied With You

He would start taking a deeper interest in your life, if he has not been doing that already. You may find him asking you questions like, “Are you sure you can manage it alone?”

He would be glad if he is able to help you in changing decor of your home, cook you a meal when you are feeling lazy or go shopping with you even when he does not like it.

Changing decor of your home

You may feel that he is knows about how your each day goes. He may panic if you suddenly tell him about your plans of shifting to a new city or planning a holiday without him.

planning a holiday

Discusses Future

This is a significant sign that he is seriously thinking about saying vows with you. He may ask you if you are interested in carrying on with your current job, etc. He will discuss about his finances and your finances.

He may even suggest that his pay is enough for you two but he does not mind you too want to work. He may talk about taking a new house and ask you to give your opinion about it. Now, what could be more obvious than this?

He would often address you and him as “we”. This reflects that when he thinks about his future he is actually thinking about you too.

Discusses Future

Topic of Children

Men seldom bring up topic of children. The idea of becoming a father hardly strikes a note to men. But when he smiles at you when you play with children in the neighborhood, chances are high that he is imagining you with your future kids.

Topic of Children