Top Skin Essential Oils And Their Benefits


Top Skin Essential Oils And Their BenefitsFrom time immemorial, beauty enhancement is one of the major aims for womankind. The need to look good and the desire to catch attention of the people around is something that has only increased with time which triggered the requirement for beauty treatments, skin care, hair care and many other such aspects.

Looking flawless is something that every person wants to achieve irrespective of age and gender. However, this craving is much deeper in the fairer sex and so they keep on looking for new products, beauty methods, salon treatments, homemade recipes and natural cures to keep the skin clean, healthy and glowing.

This is solely because skin is the reflection of one’s persona and greatly affects the impression that you leave in people’s mind. A bright, radiant and problem free skin is always eye catching and a pleasure to look at. However, no one is born with perfect skin and there are definite loopholes that prevent you from achieving your goals.

This means that the significance of skin care and beauty treatments finally lies for all women. each one should have a fair knowledge about all the products that can help them not only enhance the glow on the skin but also help in treating certain issues like fine lines, wrinkles, blackheads, acne, pimples, discoloration, brown spots and more. These are some conditions that are usually caused by external factors like unhealthy lifestyle and eating habits, pollution, effect of UV rays of the sun and more.

Among the various products, the most natural ones that have innumerable advantages for the skin are essential oils. Essential oils are pure extracts of various natural products which help in not only treating various health problems, but many of them also have benefits for the skin. In fact, many of the brands use essential oils in their skin care products to make them more effective.

To know which the right essential oils for the skin are, here is a beauty guide that will help you out along with the benefits the particular essential oil has for you. Check them out and pick ones that best suits your skin type and skin conditions-

Guide to Best Skin Care Essential Oils

Carrot Seed Oil

One of the perfect essential oils that really help in bringing beauty and glow to the skin is carrot seed oil. It not only helps you in reaching the goals by toning the skin but also revitalizing it. Some of the benefits of regular use of this essential oil on the skin include reducing the aging signs like those ugly wrinkles. It is also a good liquid for those who have an oily skin type to maintain the skin balance by using it with a little coconut oil. The essential oil is known to treat skin infections and conditions like eczema, rashes, dermatitis and many more.

Lavender Oil

This is one of the few essential oils that can be directly used on the skin in an undiluted form. Also, it is known to have packed advantages for the skin and to accentuate the beauty without much effort. It is popular among women solely because of its versatile nature. The various uses that it performs for the skin makes it all the more demanded.

Top Skin Essential Oils And Their Benefits

The essential oil treats all skin conditions like abscesses, dermatitis, acne, allergies, burns, bruises, blisters, boils, inflammation, rashes, athlete’s foot, insect bites, ringworms, sunburns, wounds, injuries and cuts and all kinds of swelling on the skin. The dual benefit with this essential oil is that it suits all types of skin and is also perfect for those who are looking to reduce age spots and scars and marks left behind by injuries, burns and breakouts. The long list of benefits makes it the best deserving essential oil in this list.

Rose Essential Oil

For those who want a much better looking and feeling of the skin, rose essential oil can be considered without a second thought. Not only does its regular use have positive effects on the beauty of the skin but it also provides you with an aromatic fragrance. It also has healing properties which can help you get a cure for eczema, aging and sagging skin as well as those who have extremely dry and flaky skin.

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Chamomile Essential Oil

Chamomile might be considered as a flower that has great benefits for health and body crises but its essential oil is one that provides good results where skin is concerned.

Top Skin Essential Oils And Their Benefits

Not only does it help in repairing the damage on the skin but also regenerate the skin cells thus leading to renewal and rejuvenation. Whether you suffer from acne or allergies, inflammation or rashes, eczema or dermatitis and dry skin, this is one essential oil which is easily accessible providing you with a good cure for all the above mentioned problems and more.

Geranium Oil

Another skin care essential oil that can be used for almost any conditions that you might face is geranium oil. Whether its bruises or acne lice or eczema, dermatitis or congested skin, cuts, ringworm and wounds and more, geranium oil is something that can always be kept handy for such situations. Also, it is supposed to have good benefit for those with oily skin and helps in tightening of the skin in a perfect manner. It can prevent varicose veins as well especially during pregnancy. If used in face packs and beauty treatments, you can see yourself getting back the lost glow and youthfulness on the skin.

Ylang-Ylang Essential Oil

Top Skin Essential Oils And Their Benefits

It has all the features that make it a part of the top essential oils list for skin care. It has soothing benefits for the skin and helps in maintaining the PH balance of the skin whether it’s excessively oily or dry. It is supposed to be one exotic essential oil and can be a little expensive on the pocket. In actually controls the sebum production and make it exactly the same as needed by the skin to stay nourished.

Along with the above mentioned six essential oils that are the top notch ones, you can also consider rosemary oil, tea tree oil and eucalyptus oil for skin care and beauty.