Top Styles Of Capri Pants For Women

Feminine clothing has come a long way since the days of skirts. Travelling from the typical skirts to the trousers and then on to designer jeans and Capri pants today, clothing for women has expanded in variety and evolved in textures too. The Capri pants are very versatile and trendy.

They define cool style and fashionistas prefer these often, especially when they are dressing up in something, towards the casual and chic style. The pants are a length slightly below the knees; the very way, a girl can flaunt her conventional attitude with a tinge of urbanism and much grace. These pants were introduced around 60s, as Mary Tyler Moore (a starlet) wore them in her TV shows.

Considered daring for the times, this style was much more buttoned-up and conventional, and was coupled with short skirts. Evolution made it shorter, crisper and today it is one of the most stylish and modern way of dressing up. Some of the styles of this norm of clothing are entailed below.

Stylish Capri Pants For Women

Plain Cotton

These are best worn as a sober, yet attractive garment. White or off white clothes have such a charm, and these are worn just below the knees; about an inch. The grace here is unbeatable when worn with a plain single-colored tops; a slightly middle shade like light pink or yellow.

plain cotton capri pant

Even bright colors of Capri pants for women go well with darker skin tones like plain blue, sea-green, brown, black and more. Make sure you keep the skin tone in mind as these clothing shows off the legs, to be noticed enough.

Tight Stretchable Ones

With women dressing in quite bold and sensual styles lately, a nice and sporty pick is a skin- fit, stretchable pair of Capris. These can be a little glazy in terms of fabric if worn for a party.

tight stretchable capri pant

Also good for gym or running due to their comfortable elasticity, it makes a good pick for the females with nice legs; toned and firm. These may be single- colored or better off with a print. A print suited to your personality can add attraction and more funk to your look.

Khaki Capris

The trendy and very cool style to wear; different prints of khaki make very good dresses. The khaki print is a very unique print and times and again has come in vogue. Flaunting one, once in a while is sure to attract some compliments and fetch you the armed look.

khaki capri pants

If you are adventurous, the attire is sure to compliment your persona. Grab your preferred print! But remember, these are better off a little loose in case your legs are not toned. For well toned legs, women may wear a fitting pant. A tight fit for a flabby leg is surely a mismatch here.

Loose Six Pockets

loose capris

Pair of loose Capri pants is well suited to the slightly healthy women, though medium sized women may also try them, provided it is a six- pockets style. The six pockets are very funky and smart and look best on, teen-aged to young girls. These can also be in khaki prints to make them completely smart outfits.