Top Ten Ways To Minimize The Risk of Miscarriages


Miscarriages are increasing by the number each day. They leave the parents shaken, guilty and grieving. Although there are specific reasons for miscarriage, most of the time they are under the control of the parents. Here are certain steps that can be followed to avoid the risk of miscarriages.


1.    Smoking: It’s recommended not to smoke as it increases the risk of losing the baby. The risk of miscarriage increases with the increase in the number of cigarettes. Active smoking is risky, passive smoking is no less.


2.    Avoid excess alcohol and caffeine: Drinking alcohol every day increases the risk of miscarriage. Similar is the case of caffeine. 4 to 5 cups of coffee in a day increases the chances of miscarriages.


3.    High levels of radiation and poison should also be avoided as they have arsenic, lead, formaldehyde, benzene and ethylene oxide, which cause miscarriages.

4.    Avoid jerking the abdomen as it may hurt the fetus.

5.    Consult your doctor for all medications, as there are certain drugs that cause fetal abnormalities and miscarriage.

Consult your doctor

6.    Increase the intake of folic. Researches have found out that folic acid not only reduces the worst form of birth defects like neural tube defects, but it also reduces the risk of miscarriages. A healthy and balanced diet plays a vital role in a healthy pregnancy.


7.    Protecting oneself from infectious hazards like viruses is necessary as they infect the fetus when the mother gets infected during the pregnancy. Women working in hospitals, schools, emergency and childcare are more prone to viruses. They need to wear protective gears when handling blood products.

8.    Lifting of heavy items should be avoided. Women who are pregnant have a higher progesterone hormone. This hormone makes the body of the women more flexible and thus increases the chances of injuries.

Lifting of heavy items

9.    Excessive vibration or shocks like loud noises, flying in unpressurized planes, etc, should be avoided during pregnancy as it may lead to premature birth or miscarriages.

Excessive vibration

10.    Excessive temperature variation also contributes in effecting the health of pregnant women.
It’s better to protect yourself rather than losing your baby. Eat healthy and be cautious as there is another life inside of you.

Excessive temperature