Top Three Eye Makeup Looks

Eyes Makeup Looks

Eyes Makeup LooksEyes are the most expressive features of a woman’s face. Eyes can enhance your look and even give a new look to your face each time you do your eyes differently. Deciding on eye makeup look is a difficult task for a woman.

There are a number of different looks which a woman can sport with the help of her eyes.There are different looks that a woman can sport depending on whether she is going out during the day time, for a night out, going for work, going for a wedding etc. Every outing can be sported with a new and a different eye makeup. Women are often confused about their eye makeup before going out. So here are a few eye makeup styles which might help you the next time you go out.

Top Three Eye Makeup Looks

Day Time Makeup

If you are going out during the day time but you don’t want your eye makeup to show then you can just apply an eye liner and mascara. You can also apply a kajal with it. Many women apply kajal on a regular basis as that suits their eyes and makes them look fresh. If you are going out with friends and want to do more of ye makeup stick to a neutral shade of eye shadow.

Daytime Makeup

Try a bronze or a brown shade. Keep it simple and not very loud. Eye makeup during the day time shall be minimalistic and pleasant to look at. Give your eyes a very natural look during the day time.

Smoky Eye Makeup

This look adds a dramatic effect to your eyes. Such looks are done when you want to try something new and interesting with your eyes. In a smoky eye makeup look your eyes are the center of attraction. All attention is given to your eyes to make it appealing. To get this look you need to use your eyeliner and kajal boldly to get a thicker line of it. Your eye shadow shall be used in such a manner that it gives a smoky effect towards the end of your eyes. This is a very interesting look and is tried by many off late.

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Retro Look

These days retro look is very much in fashion. Be it in clothes, fashion, accessories or makeup. In retro look make attention and emphasis is given to your lips and eyes. The eye shadow is of a dark color and so is your lip gloss. The eye makeup is done relatively louder that the facial makeup. The rest of your face is kept subdued.

These looks will help you to achieve the correct look for your outing. Do it well and put the focus on your eyes. If you have very expressive eyes, do not spoil them, utilize them properly and focus on them well.

Retro Look

Eyes can spoil your look or make you look nice. So, your eye makeup is totally dependent on you. Utilize your features properly and in your stride. Sport a look which enhances your confidence and makes you stand out in the gathering.