Top Trendy Hair Accessories Clips

Top Trendy Hair Accessories Clips

Top Trendy Hair Accessories Clips Fashion trends have changed to a great extent with the new trendy mindset of the world especially the youth. Be it the cool dresses and outfits or be it the trendy hairstyles, girls and boys want to look the best and out of the world. In fact it has turned into such a craze that youngsters actually compete over the fashionable wardrobe that they put on or adopt.

Talking of hairstyles, trendy clips, pins etc are the most essential things to style up onto the hair of girls. So, if you want to be the part of this limelight of styling up your hair with trendy clips, here are some of its types that you might prefer –

Trendy Hair Accessories Clips

Bobby Pins

This clip gives a very moderate and classy kind of look. So, if you want to look simple and still the most trendy and fashionable, go for the Bobby pins. These are the most useful kind of clips. The reason why they are considered as the most useful kind of pins is that they are capable of holding not only the small but also the larger amount of hair in its place.

Coming to the look of this type of pin, these pins are long in shape. Also these pins are thin and have a dip on its one side. The dip’s role is that it goes below or beneath the hair and hold onto the hair so much so that it is in its place.

This is how it becomes possible to make your hair stay in place especially if your hair is too thick to handle. In thick hair also, there are generally ‘layers’ of hair to deal with, where Bobby pins are the best. Also the pins can be used in handling your hair when you keep your hair up or down.


This is also a very commonly used clip. The best style of hair clip is when it is long, simple and easy to bend. Also it must be thin enough to slide in beneath the hair and at the same time not look bulgy and uneven on head. This kind of clip further comes in different types or styles. One is that simply holds the hair in place with its long and thin shape with one side dipped.

Top Trendy Hair Accessories Clips

Another style is the one that physically clips the hair in place. The main purpose of these Barrettes is to hold up the short hair styles or pony tails in place. Rather the motive of using these clips is to hold the hair up and keep them away from the back of neck. But the advantage of the size, shape and style of this clip type is that it can hold up either little or quite a bunch of hair in its place.

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This type of clip has its existence into fashion trend since a decade or so. Hence it is popular since 1990 or the years around. The reason why this type of clip is called ‘Claw’ is its resemblance of shape to that of bear claws. So it can be very well said that it is good at grabbing and holding your hair in place. The best part of such clip is the teeth that it has.

The teeth are sharp and rigid enough to grab and hold the hair well. The hair is always tight and at the same time not too much pulling at the roots of your hair. They basically ‘scoop’ the hair and hold them in place and keep them off your head and neck. Of course like every other clip that you came across, this clip also comes in various trendy sizes and colours for your convenience, where the small ones can be used for short hair and vice versa, the large ones can be used for thick, beautiful hair to hold the grip well.

There is a variety of many more kinds of clips with the same motive altogether. The motive is generally to hold on the hair in such a manner that no unwanted strands would come in your way without your desire to let them be free. For short hair, the small sized cute clips are the best to use and for long hair, large and trendy clips are the best.

Apart from holding the hair in its place and keeping the hair off the back of neck, the well designed and trendy clips can style up your hair and add onto the stylish wardrobe of yours. So, do not wait any longer. Go and grab the clips that you liked the most.