Total Gym Workout Routine

A great way to stay fit, energetic and healthy is by following a total body workout routine. Tone and tighten your entire body with the help of a total body routine. The workout leaves you with a total feeling of balance and satisfaction.

Before beginning the workout routine it is necessary to do the warm up exercises in order to get the blood flowing and pumping your heart. When the routine workout is completed, cool yourself up by doing the stretches to avoid any kinds of cramp or injury.

One needs to listen to one’s body and understand it well before moving on to exotic exercises. Strength training can be done every other day but your body will need certain amount of break too. One needs to push oneself to the limits of duration and resistance. Legs, shoulders, glutes, core, triceps and back strengthening exercises are a must for a healthy and toned body.

Total Gym Workout Routines

Workout Routine For ABS

To target your abdominals, the Resisted Crunch should be performed while the feet attached and the sit ups will target your hips as well as your upper abdominals.

side plank

The side plank is to be performed that target the core muscles within one’s abdominals and also the backs. The Trunk rotation targets the obliques and strengthens them. The Resisted crunch needs to be done with 2*25 repetitions, sit up with attached feet, side plank and trunk rotation with 1*25 repetitions.

Workout Routine for Arms

The chin up and bicep curl from the total gym exercises can be done to strengthen one’s biceps. For the triceps, one may consider doing the exercises such as the triceps extension, or the kneeling triceps extensions.


Both of them are excellent in nature. The biceps curl, the chin ups, the triceps extension and the kneeling triceps extensions need to be done with a 3*8 repetitions.

Workout Routine For Legs

The Leg curl, among the total gym exercises, targets the hamstrings that are the back of your thighs. The squat as well as the Front Lunge targets the quadriceps and also the buttocks making them stronger.


To target your calf muscles, the Calf Raise is perfect. The exercises squat, leg curl, the front lunge and also the calf raise needs to be done with a 4*12 repetitions.

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Workout Routine For The Back

To exercise your lower back muscles, the Hyperextension is tailor made. To target the rear deltoids and lats, the Row is to be done.


The Back Fly needs to be done to target the rear deltoids and the lower back while the Pull-Up targets your biceps and your lats. Hyperextension is to be done with 2*15 repetitions, The Row with 4*10 repetitions while the Back Fly and the Pull-Up is to be done with a 3*10 repetitions.

Workout Routine For Shoulders

The Upper Row and the Shoulder Press can be done to target your outer as well as front deltoids and also the upper back known as the trapezius.

deltoid exercise

For exercising your deltoid muscles, you may consider doing the Front Deltoid raise. The front and lateral deltoid raise, the upper row and the shoulder press need to be done with a 3*8 repetitions.