Travel Tips for Pregnant Women

Traveling during pregnancy has always been a much sort after subject. The queries on how to take care of oneself during pregnancy never ends. Pregnant ladies can trip to places save they take good care of themselves. One thing that a person must keep in mind is pregnancy is not a disease it is a natural condition.

Traveling during pregnancy could be made fun if one follows certain tips.

Controlling stress is the first step. Stress plays a villain during the preparations for a journey. Try to be calm and contented. Planning the travel in advance can reduce the last minute confusion.

Always try not to travel alone. While going for your regular consultation with your doctor remember that you are being accompanied by someone. Going in another person’s company makes you feel self confident and secure. Your companion could save you in case of any emergency.

Carry all the important contacts numbers whenever you are going out. If you are sure that you are taking proper diet and proper pregnancy  exercises then you could prevent critical times at a larger extent. Eat healthy foods. Keep roadside food and other junk foods at bay. Carry boiled water. Home food is the mantra to stay healthy.

When you are at some malls use lifts and escalators if the number of steps are more. Else if you are confident take the steps because that is one of the best exercises. Always carry an extra pair of shoes with you as your feet tend to swell on sitting for a longer time. Stop and take a few steps at intervals during the drive.

While traveling on air try to book an aisle seat, which is near washroom. It is recommended not to travel during the first 3 months of pregnancy as it is a risky period when the uterus prepares itself for carrying the baby. From 4th month to 7th it is safe to travel. But no jumps and jerks. Women can even drive by properly placing the seat belts and going slow. Above all take the advice of your doctor before undertaking any trips.