Treat Scalp Itchiness

Scalp itchiness can be a cause of embarrassment as it can strike you anytime forcing you to scratch your scalp at public places. People realize that you have an itchy scalp which is invariably linked to unhealthy living habits.

Scalp itchiness is always the result of dandruff and if left unattended and untreated, dandruff has the potential to trigger further health problems like acne and pimple on face and body, dandruff on body and scalp hair loss.

Dandruff has to be checked and cured at the primary stage of development however, if you think using popular anti-dandruff shampoo would help you to get rid of dandruff, you are mistaken.

Anti dandruff shampoos make the matter worse as they have strong chemicals which ward off dandruff and also dry the scalp and damage the hair beyond repair. Dandruff also comes back leaving you confused on the inefficiency of anti-dandruff shampoo. It’s better to go for natural treatment while treating the dandruff as it eliminates dandruff without harming your hair.

You have to opt for natural oils which treat the dandruff and also nourish the hair effectively reversing the negative effects of dandruff. Oils moisturize the dry scalp and eliminate the breeding ground of dandruff. You can use oil like jojoba oil, tea tree oil or coconut oil. You have to massage your scalp on regular basis with these oils. This would increase the blood flow in your scalp thereby reducing the growth of dandruff.

You can also start cardio exercises to increase blood flow in body to ensure good blood supply to the minute capillaries of scalp as the increased blood flow in head blood capillaries hampers the growth of dandruff. Blood carries the nutrition for scalp which is required to ward off the dandruff. Balanced diet also plays a crucial role to reduce the impact of dandruff on your hair.

The nutritious food which you will consume provides the essential elements for scalp rejuvenation. Raw vegetables and fresh fruits play an important role in providing the necessary nutrition to your scalp. You can also apply fruit pack on your scalp for your scalp to absorb the essential nutrients.